Eastwood & Kramer Get Real

Vinny Eastwood talks to Neil Kramer about the humor, individualism, and philosophy of authentic living. All live on The Vinny Eastwood Show.

Does humor belong on the spiritual path? the confidence for self-determination, separating wobbly egos from good material, the light workers and the conspiracy moles, capacity for change, psychopathic tendencies, corporate media taking real messages off course, generating one’s own quality media, the provision of universal abundance in accordance with an authentic life path, gangster capitalism sponsorship for alternative media, do we need to worry about chemtrails and fluoride?, alchemizing bad money into something good, emphatic delivery of ideas, undoing delusional investments, preserving a true way of being, and a ton more.

CLICK HERE for a direct download MP3 of the 2 hour show (right click to save as). You can also click here for Vinny’s webpage and the 2013 interview archive.