SEPT 13th & 14th 2014 – Hotel Monaco, Portland, Oregon

Neil Kramer Intensive Workshop

Sept 13-14 2014 Hotel Monaco, Portland, Oregon


Join Neil Kramer for a unique intensive weekend gathering expressly designed for individuals committed to inner change, mystical study, and deeper attainment.

Explore frank and forthright perspectives on soul, attainment, grace, death, silence, identity, astral control, pilgrimages, the hidden school, selflessness, initiations, and disciplines of the mystery.

Experience a new dimension to Neil that is rarely seen in public. Clear, incisive, and unreserved approaches to modern mystical practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity for deep spiritual investigation in an environment that aims for excellence, honesty, and answers.

Be edified and uplifted on a weekend of spiritual engagement and soulful contemplation. Meet like-minded people and share your path amongst friends.

When: Sat 13th & Sun 14th September 2014
Where: Hotel Monaco, 506 S.W. Washington Street, Portland, OR 97204
Cost: $195 for full weekend ticket, per person. Use Buy Now button below. Limited places.

Number of tickets

Accommodation and meals not provided. There are many good options in the Portland area to suit all tastes, budgets, and needs.


Sat 13th Sept 2014. 9.30am Registration. 10am-12.30pm Morning session. 2pm-5pm Afternoon session.

Sun 14th Sept 2014. 10am-12.30pm Morning session. 2pm-4pm Afternoon session.

Email: for any further information or assistance.

OCT 4th & 5th 2014 – Trout Lake, Washington State

Conference – Freedom, Divinity & Empire

Neil Kramer, Spencer Barclay, and Nate Walton explore the pressing question of human freedom from interconnected spiritual, legal, philosophical, and cultural perspectives. Three unique practitioners of freedom offer their wisdom and experiences to empower every human soul who values a self-determining life.

Understand the relationships between sovereignty, consent, and honor. Learn how these things positively and negatively affect our everyday lives. Take a fresh look at the Empire and explore paths of exemption from outside control.

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