SkyBlue Symposia

Neil Kramer talks to SkyBlue Symposia about life, death, and magical fish.

We talk about the practicalities of mysticism, druidry and plant technology, post 2012 energetic dynamics, planning vs flow in dealing with the universe, what’s the big deal with the sun?, reflections of creation and destruction, multiple perspectives on destructive behavior, finding equilibrium, historical and energetic lineages, how much of the corporate media news is relevant?, and more.

CLICK HERE to download an MP3 of the show (right click to save (link) as). You can also visit the SkyBlue Webpage for more details.

Thanks to Cybele, Susan, Dave, Chipper Dog, Brig and all the crew for a marvelous discourse. A real pleasure to commune with informed, self-driven, hearty dudes.

The members of SkyBlue Symposia were formerly producers and hosts at Time Monk Radio. SkyBlue is their new gig and it’s already looking pretty cool.

About SkyBlue. A dynamic cooperative participating in and encouraging transformation. Presenting symposia with guests who have expansive and alternative perspectives. Welcoming listeners to join in mutual explorations. Evolving consciousness, wellness and abundance. Encouraging inclusivity and collaboration amongst individuals and communities.