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Neil Kramer talks to Brooks Agnew on X2 Radio. Powerful, frank dialog on current threats to the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the preservation of the 2nd Amendment.

We talk about the significance of having a written Constitution, the Bill of Rights, distorted perceptions of gun control, minds not hardware, the Sandy Hook shooting, gross corporate media deception, the fiction of Barrack Hussein Obama, on-going Obama-sanctioned drone kills in Pakistan, signature strike patterning, the extrajudicial killing of children on foreign soil, British disarmament, extreme levels of violence in Britain, the critical difference between codified and uncodified constitutions, murder as entertainment, the irrelevance of law to the disturbed mind, positive gun stories?, claiming sovereign authority, the conscious forfeiting of power, marginalizing the armed American, left-wing right-wing theater, learning to say NO, following the money, Federal vs State, the old tale of Rothschild influence, bad platforms for serious discussions, disingenuous chat show hosts, the courage to speak out, disregarding political correctness, observing honor and dishonor, balanced decision making, the roots of social dysfunction, evolving consciousness, the perfection of the soul, implacable optimism, resilient communities, and more.

NOTE FROM NEIL KRAMER. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I have never voted in the United States Of America. I do not identify as Conservative or Liberal, politically speaking. I DO feel that the written Constitution and the Bill of Rights help to protect individual human beings from oppressive government. They are therefore worth preserving and upholding.

Click the links below for a direct MP3 download for each hour of the show.

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NOTE: During the first hour, Brooks gives a lengthy and instructive introduction to the key topics, introducing Kramer around 30 mins in.┬áThe 2nd and 3rd hours are usually for X2 Radio subscribers only (as with other ‘part free-part pay’ models), but Brooks has kindly agreed to publish all three sections for free on this occasion.