Discrimination, Equality & Human Rights – Red Ice Radio


Neil Kramer talks to Henrik Palmgren, host of Red Ice Radio.

Neil talks about: “misconceptions about human rights, the promises of equality, and self-censorship. We consider the media’s focus on race, migration, sexual orientation and equality and how these headlines have been formulated to invoke division and polarization amongst tribes. Neil draws connections from the formation of the UN’s 1946 Commission on Human Rights to the current policies that appear to champion freedom and wellbeing, but ultimately seek to condition people to believe in an unnatural sense of sameness and uniformity amongst individuals and across cultures. Neil emphasizes the primary meaning of discrimination, a word that has been used to prevent people from making moral observations or expressing any sort of disapproval. In the second segment, we take a closer look at the war on individuality that has been dramatically reshaping our natural sense of belonging and diversity since WWII, and the destructive forces that enter the vacuum created by the disavowing of will and power. Further, Neil elucidates the general principles of preciousness and sacredness and following one’s own heart.”

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