Reality, Simulation & Culture

From time to time, it is instructive to take a blade to the culture of the mediaplex. In so doing, we expose the informational viscera, freed from the distraction of epidermal appearance, and begin to get a sense of what really composes this peculiar beast. What we find, is that it’s not an organic entity at all – it is a macabre fabrication of synthetic appendages far removed from natural origins.

The embedded bias of the mainstream media has been dealt with previously on The Cleaver and it is not the intention of this text to re-examine its on-going duplicity. Indeed, most readers are most likely all too aware of the integrity deficit in their respective CNN/BBC news flashes. No, what we are to do here is something a little different. Rather than the customary practice of providing alternative scenarios to the mainstream fiction, then evidencing them with specific references and research, I offer instead a perspective shift that gives an opportunity to reframe and clarify what is occurring in the media. The reader may then ponder the implications for themselves. In so doing, it is my hope that we may find occasion to re-tune the mind’s sensitivity to falsehood and understand that, at root, it is not the data itself that is important, but rather the framing and prioritization of it. From here, we get a feeling for the primal energetic motivations behind the projected illusions. We dissolve the circuit of simply trying to determine whether a piece of information is true or false, and more constructively contemplate its affects on us, both on a personal and collective level.


The faces of the real enemies of the Empire do not appear on the cover of Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine. There is no such thing as a massive intelligence leak. There have been no paradigm-cracking triumphs of liberty that have compromised international political and military figures or organizations. For those outside the loop, it certainly looks like there have been. But it ain’t real. No-one is exposing the diktats of the Control System. On the contrary, figures like Michael Moore, Bianca Jagger, Ken Loach, Jemima Khan and even the venerable John Pilger, despite their good intent, succeed only in amplifying an elaborate Psyop and helping to assemble a false, albeit very neat, polarity on a very old chessboard.

What is in question here, is not the A-to-Z content and veracity of Wikileaks’ data, but rather the unprecedented exposure it has been receiving and the media’s curious contextualization of it. Indeed, it is the sheer volume of column inches that have been lavished on Wikileaks that really gives the game away. At any point, the routine military-industrial habits of pulling the plug, gagging the media and sequestering information as a military asset (that was ostensibly in the public interest), could’ve been executed. They weren’t. There has been an intelligence community stand-down of 911 proportions.

Actual esoteric intelligence leaks are erased faster than an uncooperative African dictator. Troublesome people, data and entire personal histories are routinely cleansed from the face of the earth every single day. Shadow ‘Cleaners’ do this 24/7 across the global theatre, quite unfettered by international laws and unaccommodating human rights conventions. Nothing survives for long outside the tightly controlled enclaves of Control System media portals without precise examination and authorization. Even those credible and substantive topics that bounce around the underground forums are quickly massaged into blurred disinformation. The distinction between what is real and unreal becomes increasingly incomprehensible. No-one quite knows what’s going on or what to believe. This is the sting. Whatever gets out, is let out. Whatever grabs the headlines, is pre-planned to grab the headlines. This doesn’t mean that Assange and co are on the payroll. Far from it. It just means that the apparently positive influence of their information releases is far more diluted and complex than first appears.

Certainly, headlines suggesting that “US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomatic crisis” may be heartening to all independent-minded citizens who have become disenchanted with the current political climate. But it isn’t quite that simple. After a little broader reflection, one might wonder why exactly a media that is wholly controlled by the Control System would diminish its own master. In the 21st century, hearts and minds/propaganda/psyops warfare is more critical to imperialist domination than killing people with conventional weapons. The theatre of operations is not in the deserts of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan, it is in the homes of ordinary people. So perhaps current Control System self-harming could be correlated with the 1898 sinking of the USS Maine, the 1933 burning of the German Parliament building, or the 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center. If so, the Wikileaks debacle signals an imminent, coordinated shift in the power dynamic; a changing of the colours and a handing over of the imperial baton.

Understand that this is a game played on the surface layer only. For players who operate only on this level, it is good old ‘us vs them’ again. This is the foundational con on which all Control System power is based. It shrewdly leverages the human compulsion to have an identifiable enemy into which we can channel our inner fear and hostility. They set up the good guys and the bad guys, black and white, good and evil, but of course they control both of them (whether the opposed participants know it or not). The first step in overturning this simulation is to become conscious of the simulation itself. Get used to perceiving mediaplex hype as exoteric pawn shuffling; irrelevant and deceitful, regardless of data veracity. Otherwise, when the system turns the ‘two minutes of hate’ against itself, when sufficient spleen has been vented, when the human batteries are empty, the game-rules gearshift to the next level but the song remains the same.

The antidote to the poisonous odium is to fundamentally acknowledge that we are the shadow. No-one else is to blame. The responsibility lies with us. With you. For readers new to this concept, I recently summarized this ancient teaching in the following way: “Each and every polarized negative entity that manifests in this world is our responsibility, our creation. The immutable flow from mind to matter, from consciousness to creation, does not allow us to disregard a given challenge. We cannot just let things go unresolved, try as we might. Negative energy patterns – destructive impulses concealed in dysfunction, fear and pain – cannot simply be abandoned. They must be faced and understood in order for their patterning to dissolve. Ignoring a negative energy pattern ensures that it will return again and again. Each time it does, it gains density.” When a certain level of density is reached, the energy pattern may actually ‘entitize’. That is, it can become a physical event or person. Just another form of energy, but one in which disowned negativity is a core imperative. In this way, we create the demons of the world. It is only by facing and comprehending our own incipient emotions (for this is where many negative energy patterns are formed) that we can short circuit the escalation routine. When the energy dynamic and its associated emotional patterning is understood, it will never return. Externalized shadow entities begin to dissolve.

Bad People Are Plotting

Alongside the Wikileaks press coverage, there has been a seasonal resurgence of super-hyped reporting of the ever-present terrorist threat. A suicide bomber in Sweden, twelve men arrested in Britain, Newark airport terminal shutdown, a bomb in a printer cartridge, suspect computer monitors, bombs in underwear. Goodness me. I have personal experience of how this affects the peaceful traveler. After a recent (and rather convoluted) two-way transatlantic crossing, I had occasion to pass through JFK Airport in New York, Charles De Gaul Airport in France, Manchester Airport In England, Reykjavik Airport In Iceland and Penn Station Train Terminal in New York. I was body scanned, patted down, questioned, biometrically scanned, had to remove my belt, shoes and jacket multiple times, laptop scanned, and most puzzlingly, I had my feet (without shoes) inspected with a hand scanner in Iceland. It was quite silly. Of course, it is comforting to know that the passengers and luggage on my plane had been thoroughly checked, but stepping outside of my own self interest for a moment, the security measures seem enormously disproportionate to the actual threat. They create massive amounts of fear, psychological negativity and logistical problems, weighed against the statistically minuscule physical threat. To me, this is what suggests that such turmoil is actually the desired effect.

The terror meme endures. Consider that most well informed and sincere journalists, politicians, military personnel and educated citizens know full well that there is no Al-Qaeda. Yet this vulgar fantasy is parroted over and over again in connection with all kinds of unrelated insurgent strikes against the Empire. That it has been repeatedly proven that Al-Qaeda dooes not exist as any sort of cogent, structured organization, and that top ranking CIA operatives have admitted that Al-Qaeda was invented simply to promote fear, is totally ignored and discounted in the mainstream. Their existence is actual only as an idea, a meme. Try substituting ‘Al-Qaeda’ for ‘bad people’ every time you hear a news announcer say Al-Qaeda. This gives an amusing but instructive sense of this meme’s simultaneous absurdity and power.

In short, Al-Qaeda is a CIA asset that served its initial function back in 1989, in helping to achieve Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Following this, Al-Qaeda’s secondary function was to serve as a fictional collective term for any troublemakers who could be positioned into a single phantom Empire-threatening entity. Just like 1984’s Emmanuel Goldstein.

People under continual duress may eventually seek to destroy that which oppresses them. So if you’re a freedom-fighter attempting to weaken a country that has illegally invaded your country – going over to bomb their native soil hardly represents breathtaking terrorist audacity or inventiveness. It is only to be expected. The bombing of planes, trains, power stations, shopping malls, temples, schools and tourist attractions is similarly predictable. The problematic reality however, is that statistically, these things very rarely happen. To rebalance the books, the Control System basically blows stuff up themselves and makes it look like some foreign terror outfit. This ancient sleight-of-hand is known as a false flag operation. It is reasonable to postulate that many of the innocent citizens (of all nationalities) getting blown up in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Britain, America and Europe are being murdered not by radicalized terrorist cells, but by state-sponsored black-ops teams. Parapolitics in action.

Genuine terrorist bombings rarely happen. Most human beings don’t want to do stuff like that, regardless of their culture, background, religion or inner motivations. We all know that killing people is a very poor way of achieving anything. Though it may disappoint xenophobic right-wing Republicans and Conservatives, many people who live outside of Europe and America are just as nice as we are.

Culture And The Individual

The on-going management of a perceived terrorist threat (as the CIA themselves have stated) is designed to generate fear. It is nothing to do with public safety or protecting a certain way of life. Check out Adam Curtis’ enlightening documentary ‘The Power Of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear’ for a good initial research platform (it is freely available to watch online).

Fear makes people compliant. It has the effect of causing people to imagine that the whole place is teetering on the edge of chaos and will plunge into oblivion without the dedication, professionalism and courage of our police, military and governments to protect us from the hordes. Reality check. Nobody wants to destroy anybody when they are in their right mind. They simply want to live, love and be loved, create and feel joy. What takes people out of their right mind is Control System conditioning that one culture is superior to another. Reality check. No culture is inherently superior to another. They are different. They are unique. There is no natural hierarchy. Each have their own measures of prosperity, resources, harmony, kinship, sophistication and civility. There is no one-size-fits-all measure by which all such things can be judged.

Only anti-human religious and political ideologies strive to enforce cultural superiority. This is often leveraged through a distortion of cultural relativism – the idea that customs, laws and ethics are culturally relative, from which is further extrapolated the erroneous concept that all cultures are therefore of essentially equal value. As the value is not calculable in the absence of a divinely-ordained universal measure, there can be no value judgment of equality. It’s like saying that if all books are intellectually and thematically relative to their own cultural paradigms, then they are all of equal value. This is plainly not the case. All we can say is that they’re different. Whilst there may be an overwhelming consensus that some books are ‘better’ than others, it is still never absolute. It’s only ever a shared viewpoint. If we flip this around, I know that my favourite books are in a tiny minority. If I were to focus on reading the most popular and accepted works, those that have the stamp of the common consensus, I would be reading the multi-million selling Going Rogue: An American Life, by Sarah Palin…. which isn’t quite my cup of tea.

It is empowering to acknowledge that one doesn’t have to like Chinese communism, or German capitalism, or American ladies who lunch, or Burka wearing Muslim ladies, or pungent Asian food, or greasy English breakfasts. We don’t have to embrace anything. We don’t have to celebrate anything. We don’t have to uphold anything. There’s really no need. Things simply are as they are, perfectly distinct from one another and inherently singular. We know in our hearts that the promise of a democratic, benevolent meritocracy that equitably apportions rights, opportunities and rewards amongst its citizens, is an entirely erroneous belief. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what the Control System actually does? Do we really believe Obama and Cameron when they say they love the American and British people and wish to improve our quality of life? They do not know how to love. They do not know how to live.

Unthinking people get very worked up about ‘protecting their way of life’. The fact is, humans are just naturally more comfortable with stuff that is like their stuff. When the sense-data of appearance, feel, sound, taste and smell correspond with what is familiar, it feels nicer and more secure. Yet, as the human mind cultivates itself to be a more enquiring, exploratory and inclusive conscious apparatus, we understand that it’s actually quite interesting to let go of the mooring ropes that tie us to our own shit. We find it is quite cool to try new things; new sights and languages, new architecture and clothes, new music and philosophy. One learns that by observing novel and unknown modes of expression, not only are they often more pleasing than our own accustomed modes, but overall, it can lead to growth, refinement and a deeper appreciation of the wider human endeavour.

So where does the reluctance come from? Why cling to our own culture? To answer this, let us reflect on who exactly creates ‘our’ culture. Who fabricates its artifacts? Who funds it? Who operates it? Who mediates its trends, themes, images and icons? It isn’t me. Is it you? Is it any of your friends? Or their friends? No. It is the elites who create culture. In the old days it was religion. Then it was the state and its upper classes. Today it is the corporations. When Terence McKenna said that “culture is not your friend”, he was highlighting this very consideration. What we perceive as ‘our culture’ is not actually ours at all.

The western culture of today is created by unseen thinktanks who transmit their conditioning through people like Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Rupert Murdoch, James Cameron, Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Mark Zuckerberg and JK Rowling. These are the unknowing conduits of prefabricated cultural nihilism. For cultural snobs who (understandably) scoff at such uncouth lowbrow pop-culture drivel, there is a tempting regressive impulse that can lure one back into a time-travelling vortex of the apparently more civilized artistry of bygone eras… Mozart, Wagner, Puccini, Shakespeare, Rembrandt. While pleasingly self-indulgent, this too is in vain.

Mass culture is a control mechanism that devalues the individual. It is aimed solely at promoting collectivism. It seeks to enforce the dependence of the individual human on a collective group and the priority of group ideologies over individual life paths. It is, at the base level, the very heart of socialism, communism, fascism and totalitarianism. It employs nationalistic impulses to setup polarities of antagonism that exclusively benefits a set of ruling elites. At the top level, the elites fully comprehend that there are no distinct nations, ideologies or cultural imperatives to speak of. To them, there is only power and no power.

Real human culture, the natural expression of the individual at the pure creative level, always emanates a degree of uniqueness, spontaneity and asymmetry that is unfeasible to manufacture or mass produce. It does not lend itself to reproduction or packaging. The value of real culture is therefore to be observed in that which is handmade, distinct, crafted, skillful, and is a profound representation of an individual, not an organization. It is anti-commercial to its core.

Still Day Beneath The Sun

To depressurize from the restrictive symmetry of the mediaplex and its intrusive cultural conurbations, we can turn to nature. In its effortless elegance, sublime detachment and profound teachings, we find that nature is indeed the very opposite of the mediaplex.

Some scholarly interpretations of Gnosticism equate the divine entity of Sophia (a female entitization of wisdom), with the Earth itself. We can say, as indeed does the instructive John Lash, that Sophia parallels the notion of Gaia. I.e. the planet itself is a living embodiment of divine intelligence. It is sentient, whole and intrinsically hyper-dimensional in its overlaying of the physical and the psychic aspect. With this in mind, the elegance, design and nuances of the natural world are supreme guides for true organic life. The blueprint for harmony, growth and transcendence is encoded into the earth itself; the trees, the leaves, the rocks, the oceans, the clouds, the animals, the people.

This philosophy of this reality model is highly relevant today. If we look for a modern example of how this wisdom can be contemplated by a western mindset, and actually applied to everyday life, there are numerous fine practitioners to choose from. However, rather than look to spiritual, philosophical or esoteric teachers, let me propose a far more down to earth personage.

The English woodsman, survivalist and naturalist, Ray Mears, knowingly or unknowingly, constantly reminds us what is truly valuable and authentically human, as he calmly goes about his studies of various bushcraft techniques amid diverse world landscapes and native communities. I had the pleasure of attending one of his lectures a couple of years ago, where he spoke about travel, nature, bushcraft and the wisdom heritage of indigenous peoples. A very modest and understated man, Mears nevertheless exuded an engaging passion and respect for the natural world and its inhabitants; something that is implicit in his television programs, but very explicit and vivid in person. In many ways, he represents the antithesis of contemporary culture: he is anti-corporate and inescapably individualistic. Mears’ films insist on letting the land do the talking and giving the limelight to the indigenous people who really know what it means to live as natural humans tuned into the land.

Mears makes a conscious choice to teach bushcraft as something deeper than just the current trend for extreme survival. In his own words, “I’ve made a point of presenting the subject in a non-macho way. When people say it’s about ‘pitting yourself against nature’… look, nature will always win. This requires a little bit of wisdom and humility.”

Mears’ observations are not limited to the expected exotic tribespeople of the Amazon or the Arctic. We see contemporary Maori, Scandinavian, Australian, North American and British people who actively practice and refine their traditional customs, in their natural environment, passed on directly from their forefathers. They are living customs, rituals and skills that evolve over time and emanate from real people – not organized religions, governments or corporations. There is a subtle but infectious joy in observing the making of canoes, knives, tools, clothes, shelters, bowls and stoves. How to walk quietly, how to listen, how to see, how to navigate, how to be invisible. Many of the underlying principles in these supreme skills are highly appropriate today. Not least in the ever-immediate question of just how we find, prepare and cook our food. How we can procure drinking water. How to stay warm or cool. Across many diverse ecologies, Mears consistently places an emphasis on one’s inner psychological state as the primary tool, not only for survival, but for success in thriving, finding peace, knowing communion and being happy.

In this zooming down from the macro to the micro, we come to know that the media hailstorm of leaks, bombs and celebrity is anti-nature. It is therefore anti-human. We should not imagine that nature is something outside of ourselves. As the inimitable Alan Watts said, “we do not come into the world, we arise out of it.” There is no separation between nature and man. There is no separation between one thing and another thing. To chronically divert our attention away from ourselves, away from our connections to our environment, and into an abstract construct of someone else’s creation, is a foolish and dangerous way to live. The toroidal flow of the universe is upward, not downward. Nations, laws, spiritual systems and communities are meant to be generated from the upward flow of the people, not the other way around.

When we hear of the important news items that are ‘the talk of the nation’ (as NPR like to put it), what we are witnessing is the self-referential narrative of the Control System. These headlines are not the news of the individual, or even echoes from the communities that are composed of individuals. The media’s ‘hot topics’ of the day, are collectivist memes that are set against the natural path of the individual. The exercise of turning off the TV and discarding the newspaper, demonstrates just how utterly irrelevant the news is to the progressive human narrative. The most profound, revelatory and exhilarating moments in our lives are always manifested by our own hands. They do not arise out of screens, institutions or ideologies. When we extricate ourselves from the mediaplex, we regain that which is our heritage – a knowingness that we are here to explore, to grow, to love and to experience. Nothing more and nothing less.

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