Roamcast 10: Glass Man

Neil Kramer probes the sacred principles enmeshed in the fabric of everyday life. Inquire into the uncoalesced, the unbounded, and the unsympathetic, in this series of spoken word improvisational essays recorded live on location.

This episode features contemplations on: the return of spring, when to think of the future, befriending the exit, the refined and the unruly, deep understanding only through embodiment, raw truth whatever its nature, only conscious evolution, the mystical interpretation of the will of God, the divine avatar, Mrs. Cooper’s wisdom, delicious imagination, 100 books, expressing the inexpressible, reading in the right moment, the golden age of beautiful words, American and British vernacular, rhyming slang, learning new words, the social commentary in localized language, how to leave a good thing behind, how we influence people unknowingly, non-rubbish jobs, the impeccable glassblower, balance in quality of being, being light-footed and respectful in times of transition, the old dangerous pathways of the mysterious, changing everything, the super mom and her daughter, teaching by example, inspiring fellow humans.

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