Roamcast #6: Unmaking Empire

Neil Kramer probes the sacred principles enmeshed in the fabric of everyday life. Inquire into the unnamed, the uninvited, and the unplumbed, in this series of spoken word improvisational essays, recorded live on location.

WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE. This episode features contemplations on: imperial culture, classical echoes, iconoclastic music, the “no” stage of growing up, naturally alone, dreaming of a lonely cottage, deactivated land, conjuring drama to make little things bigger, role-playing pain, choosing harmonious actions or disharmonious actions, identifying ourselves by race/sexuality/nationality, the elemental patterning of the continents, swelling populations, who’s getting the boot today?, being afraid to talk about race, the gross deception of multikulti, NPD leaders, simple ways to hasten the dissolution of the old hierarchy, is it wrong to not vote?, lovely cataclysms, the renewing fire of divinity, the unconscious makers of the Empire.

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