Twilight Of The Doomsayer

Students of consciousness know that fear is a disconnecting frequency; it separates and diminishes with cold efficiency. Fear restrains consciousness by contracting it and binding it to the 3D, effectively isolating the individual from higher awareness. So it is that in these days of shifting paradigms, as the old hierarchies scramble to contain the effects of polarizing consciousness and wider galactic alignments, it is wise to be mindful of those who deal primarily in fear.

It is proposed that we are born with only two innate fears: fear of loud noises and fear of falling. With training, these can be diminished or removed altogether. All other fears are habituated, social and mental constructs that we have imbibed from the matrix. Even pain is a conditional reflex, not a fear. I feel no fear when I burn my hand accidentally in a candle flame. Any anxiety that arises derives from the anticipation of pain or the frustration of an apparent misfortune. Consequently, though it may be explicable to feel fear in the veins when we observe the dystopian Control System framework being radically upgraded, it is a wholly synthetic response that we are activating, an erroneous software loop that has been conditioned into us.

I am reminded of the Bene Gesserit litany from Dune (1965 Frank Herbert novel, 1984 David Lynch film). This was recited to help reduce the debilitating effects of fear. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

This is Zen technique. It seeks to counter the prevalent tendency for humans to falsely identify with the egoic mind, believing that they are the thinking entity inside their heads. It is this basic misidentification that encourages persistent discursive thinking, thereby granting overall authority to the linear train tracks of survivalist logic at the expense of higher dimensional awareness. Crucially, the erroneous belief that we are the ego transforms the human psyche into a fear superconductor.

Egoic Ascendancy

The ego plays an important role in helping us to endure in the 3D world, yet its influence over the entire mind-complex has become artificially elevated over time. The mutation of the ego into a position of artificial primacy can perhaps be better grasped by understanding trauma-based mind control techniques. The mind is subjected to such intense negative experience (suffering/sensory overload) that, in order to survive, it fragments into a number of distinct compartments, some of which can be heavily conditioned, or programmed. Some alternative historians have suggested that immense and sudden earth changes can bring about a splintering of the mind on a mass scale, resulting in a spontaneous and dominant separation of the ego.

Finding itself wearing the white peaked-hat of the Captain, the ego takes to the helm, even though it is patently not experienced or skilled enough to do so. As indicated, the real job of the ego is to focus on survival impulses like eating, drinking, reproducing, gathering, tribalism, fight or flight. It is not equipped to command a large and complex vessel. Consequently, it makes a lot of mistakes, takes wrong turns, gets lost, runs into heavy waters and collides with other egos, regularly inflicting damage on itself and others. In this mode, veering from one predicament to another, thinking can only achieve relatively crude results compared to the awesome and expert command of the higher self. Necessarily, one must persuade the ego to take a back seat.

17th century philosopher Rene Descartes gave expression to the biggest fallacy of all time when he said, “I think therefore I am.” This is a signpost that points in the wrong direction for those seeking transcendence. We are not the mind. Fundamentally, we are that which does not think. If the ego is in command, thinking is flawed and capricious. It is brain noise. The trick is to observe the mind. Watch it from a distance. In so doing, we recognize that for the mind to be so observed, it cannot therefore be us. This sends a subtle but potent signal to the ego. We are the watcher, timeless and non-local. Pure consciousness emanating from all things. This perspective shift starts to reintegrate fragmented components of the mind and transfers the ego back to the survival department, where ultimately it is much happier.

Being who you are is not some vague new-age sentiment. It is the rigorous discipline of working on oneself to develop conscious presence. It is a natural spiritual trajectory. By bringing one’s unswerving attention into the present moment, we unplug the egoic thinking mechanism and free the mind from the flow of temporality. We exit the time loop (the 3D) and the mind becomes immediately deeper and more connected (to the 4D). This is the journey to true selfhood. It is philosophy, psychology, spirituality, science and art. It is the living reality of observing one’s dharma, one’s own sacred path, day to day, every day.

Thinking and doing are peripheral. Being is all there is. Being is now. This is ancient wisdom, deep and authentic. It is knowledge that is once more surfacing in thousands of awakened minds, out from the great and recurrent amnesia of mankind.

It’s Not About The Data, Stupid

Psychological acuity, esoteric knowledge and spiritual discipline are required in equal measure before the human mind can properly process undiluted eschatological information. Those who proceed into the shadow realms without these qualities are either naïve or disturbed.

There is a distinct class of alternative researcher that exhibits a consuming fetish for dramatic revelatory disclosure. Unconsciously vampiric, these individuals are easily identified by the energy vacuum they leave in their wake; a low pressure drag destabilizing any nearby high frequencies. They are the doomsayers. Quite unable to escape their own gravitational pull, doomsayers monotonously resonate the low apocalyptic vibrations of scarcity, upheaval, pestilence and havoc. They cannot help themselves.

Through understanding the basic dynamics of consciousness, how it moves, contracts, transforms and expands, we can infer that doomsayers have no real interest in raising consciousness, otherwise they would not proclaim their black prophecies so freely. Certainly not without first balancing such an unmitigated energy drain with the sharing and giving of deeper wisdom and higher dimensional awareness. The doomsayer appears confined to deal only in the 3D, the world of mind, of thought-form and illusion, all tightly choreographed by the unobserved egoic mind. No light or wisdom. They are gullible black marketeers, unwitting assets of the Control System. Once again I resist the temptation to name these conduits of numbness, though I see they are making themselves stand out like sore thumbs anyway.

None of the much hyped predictions for October 2008 came to manifest. This is good, bad, irrelevant or inevitable, depending on your perspective. There were not even any notable spikes in activity, outside of the usual horror and weirdness of 21st century society. A blend of meagre justification, deafening silence and point blank apology were issued by the fruitless forecasters. Perhaps both prophet and fanboy* alike will realize that “trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place. When you handle the master carpenter’s tools, chances are that you’ll cut your hand.” Whether doomsayer data is fact or fiction, accurate or rubbish, it is always first and foremost promoting a gross level of physical manifestation, a low level of consciousness. Always mind stuff… events, plots, objects, secrets, people. Theatre and drama.

Is it not becoming transparent that the external doomsayer is an archetypal manifestation of the internal doomsayer? A collective projection of future fear? From all doomsayers, all mainstream media and every portal of the Control System, the future is always a fear based construct. To inoculate yourself from the accustomed egoic response (contraction), bring to mind that ‘there is no future’. As indeed there is no past. There is only one moment. It stretches in all directions and it is the only thing we ever have. Everything we do and will ever do, is contained in this one moment.

Thinking is temporal apparatus, linear processing, the wiring of the 3D. Thinking about the future is reductionist mind projection. Only in a state of deep conscious presence can we connect fully with the fourth dimensional realm where there is no timeline as we have come to know it. Fringe physics tells of time and space being a single interrelated entity, entirely non-local at fourth and fifth dimensional levels. Only from the 3D does it look like one way traffic, past > present > future.

One thing we can predict: those who do not radiate deep conscious presence know nothing of the future.

Spiritual kindergarten lesson number one: do not allow yourself to become a channel for fear, inwardly or outwardly. It is psychic folly and serves only to fuel the disinformation and scare tactics of the Control System. Anyone who doubts this is simply not paying attention. Whether the motherships arrive or not, whether the waters rise or not, whether worlds collide or not, it does no good whatsoever to propagate fear and uncertainty. It is agreeably ironic that the very thing that the doomsayers fixate upon, the disintegration of negative Illuminist sorcery, is the very thing that exposes the emptiness of their own egoic dependency.

The Sacred Journey

Fear is a super low frequency vibration that serves as a power source for the unreality superstructure that the Control System has constructed around us. Without fear, their matrix cannot function. The nodal fear lines would be set alight, spewing fire into the sky like ignited oil wells in the Iraqi desert.

With practice, it becomes instinctive to counter and neutralize the fear reflex with a fusion of spiritual centredness and a deeper sense of presence that reduces the egoic insistence on the ‘I’.

The awakened mind is well aware of the necessity of balance when the consensus trance begins to break down. A mystical sense of the impermanence of all things is a useful psychic tool. It should be openly acknowledged that there is an intense darkness within the heart of the storm and a tomb-like desolation throughout the wintertime. Things do get dark and serious. Yet it is incumbent on all those who walk the path of transcendence to equally recognize the beauty of the new dawn and the opportunities for new growth and higher dimensions of being. This is seeing the whole equation. The shadow and the light are understood to be simply reflections of the same illusory construct. Such duality is purely a three dimensional perception.

For those who choose not to deepen, cleanse and expand their consciousness – being who you are, being present and bringing consciousness into the present moment is an entirely outlandish concept. In many cases, it will actually be disturbing. We see people like this all the time, frantic and neurotic, compulsively thinking and doing, filling every possible moment with some trivial rubbish that eats up any potentially unpleasant self-reflection. Compelling and vigorous diversionary tactics (overloading sense data) are deployed to avoid contact with self at all costs. The psychology of previous investment means that many feel they have too much to lose to risk jumping trains from unconsciousness to the sacred inner journey.

Yet the unreality of the Control System, its players, sets and fakery, is becoming increasingly transparent, even ludicrous. Crunches, crises and calamities – all meticulously rolled out, as determined in a centuries old plan. For those who don’t get that yet, your homework awaits. The global economy is being overtly manipulated to achieve a radical centralization of power. The US, Europe, UK, China, Russia, the Middle East and South America are all playing the same game and sitting around the same table. The paltry illusions of separate nations and international conflict are mere puppet shows to calm the groping ignorance of the uninitiated masses. This has been widely discussed for decades amid leading alternative scholars and even in certain rather brazen neo-con and United Nations circles. Their strategies, once again, are nothing new. It’s the same old well worn trickery. The Hegelian bait-and-switch routine. Offer global cooperation, protection and stability – but once you hand over your money (your conscious acceptance), what you actually get is suppression, disempowerment and serfdom. However, the flipside to their darkness is ever present… I have noted the inverse correlation between the desperation of the Control System’s containment strategies and the natural galactic shift of consciousness from the 3D to the 4D. The faster consciousness expands, the smaller the Illuminist chess pieces become.

The world around us is changing. Each day, the 3D manifestation becomes slightly less physical, less dense. The mystic’s mindset can phase into this thinking as easily as one slips into a warm bath. From the reductionist or fundamentalist platform, this is a highly troubling development. Yet even science is beginning to admit, if only in the free thinking fringes at present, that they have indeed got it wrong about matter. Wrong from the ground up. Starting with… there are no atoms. No ultimate building blocks. Sorry about that. Even the wild goose chase for the Higgs Boson, when you really drill down to it, is not actually seeking a thing, as such. It is seeking to observe a behaviour.

Perhaps the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 because that is when the historical and practical possibilities of recording a 3D causal timeline are no longer possible, because we won’t be in the 3D anymore. In the 4D, there is no time, so no need to hang a calendar on the wall. Even the calendar’s function of representing the linear evolution of consciousness comes to an end, due to the unitary and trans-temporal nature of higher 4D/5D levels. Hence the top layer of the Mayan pyramid temple to Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) at Chichen Itza ends with the shortest architectural representation of the final cycle of consciousness. The Mayans knew this well. Wherever their information came from, it was outside of the 3D.

It is probable that the dimensional shift marks a great point of divergence for Earth, a time when the minds of organic human consciousness and post-human unconsciousness diverge. Those spellbound by the 3D, and those already moving toward the 4D, will finally part company. Two colossal reality tunnels dividing billions of individual tunnels. My feeling is that, for some, nothing will happen, even as the dimensional shift reaches its peak. Without consciousness, the Samsaric cycle perpetuates, imperceptibly and inexorably. With consciousness, the 3D becomes a single facet of a higher dimensional model. The critical mass of awareness is at last achieved. The 4D shift will be at once profoundly exhilarating, deeply sacred and yet always perfectly natural.

The dimensional shift is now. It is not something that will slide into place on 21st Dec 2012. It is with us now, in this very moment. Being present is all that is required. For some it is a new beginning, for others it is an ancient return.

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