Mandalas In The Ultrasoup

Contemplate replacing the concept of believing with the concept of holding. It’s hard to drop a belief but it’s not hard to drop something you are merely holding. Similarly, a belief can be a heavy thing to carry around, whereas something that is just held, without believing in it one way or the other, remains as light as a feather. No egoic investment = no weight.

Is belief necessary in the quest for wholeness, gnosis and integration? Is it a valuable tool for research and exploration? Though I still fall into the linguistic habit of saying “I believe this”, or “I don’t believe that”, I have in fact ceased to believe or disbelieve anything. I just stopped doing it.

“A warrior is never under siege. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability, and impeccability cannot be threatened.” Don Juan Matus

This applies equally to possessions of the non-physical kind. Beliefs are personal possessions. With no beliefs to carry, the speed, fluidity and expansion of the warrior’s spirit is greatly enhanced.

Glimpsed Artifacts

Can we prove the felt experience of the 4D plane of existence? Can we measure the reality of the life-forms encountered by entheogenically retuning consciousness? Can we substantiate the fact that Illuminist Control System elites are manipulating consensus reality? Can we account for the revelatory flashes of extreme gnosis that spontaneously download into the mind at highly synchronous moments? No, no, no and no. Should we care? No.

Consider that all form vibrations arising from the ultrasoup* do not exist independently or separately from each other. There are no fundamental building blocks at any level, no innate mass and no ultimate particle – there is just energy moving multi-dimensionally throughout the cosmos, configuring, dispersing and reconfiguring. If you feel this to be true, then there can be no objectivity; objectivity being something essentially mind-independent and not emanating from a conscious entity. There can be no such wholly external reference. The illusory nature of the subjective and the objective is revealed. The dichotomy collapses because there is only subjective. Only felt experience and individual interpretation.

Every widely accepted statement of fact, or body of evidence, is more accurately thought of as a subjective representation of a consensus belief. It may have achieved some form of accord because lots of people agree with it, like the Earth is flat or the Sun revolves around the Earth, which were realities for millions of people until very recently. However, whether in astronomy, a murder enquiry or an archaeological dig, the evidence to support a claim is always, in and of itself, neutral data. It is in the presentation of this data that the veracity of an assertion is expressed. Every mainstream academic, historian, lawyer, scientist and corporate plutocrat worth his salt knows this.

A set of data may look compelling for a long time, more than an individual’s life time, or even for entire generations. It may serve its purpose, to send a man to the gallows or to turn a speculative theory into received wisdom, but like everything else, evidence is always open to discussion and disagreement, and over time, it is usually expanded upon, reinterpreted and in some cases, completely revised. ‘Empirical facts proven beyond doubt’ are merely good working theories. Pixelated artefacts glimpsed within the undulating fractal mesh. They should be remembered as such. Everything is an individual configuration. True for one, not for another. For those who seek to expand awareness and distill gnosis to spiritually evolve, time expended in proving a theory is time thrown away into a black hole. Better to spend it crystallizing a vision and testing its lucidity and meaning experientially. There is no better measure.

If the filters through which incoming data passes are too rudimentary, i.e ‘Yes or No’, ‘Fits my religious dogma or Doesn’t fit my religious dogma’, ‘Officially approved or Not officially approved’, then the data will be processed equally crudely. Not much of any creative or spiritual value gets through. These basic filters (which come free courtesy of the Control System) are entirely useless. I suggest you discard them, if you have not already done so, and replace them with a more useful set. Examples include: ‘Coherent or Incoherent’, ‘Harmonic or Dissonant’, ‘Gives energy or Takes energy’, ‘Dharmic or Karmic’, ‘Elegant or Inelegant’, ‘Clarifies or Obscures’. You get the picture.

We may choose to say, “Consciousness is a non-local phenomenon,” or we may choose to say, “In my view, consciousness is a non-local phenomenon.” It is implicit that it is my view by virtue of the fact that I am saying it. There is no standard empirical reference viewpoint. There is only opinion. So we can usually dispense with the “I think” and “in my opinion” prefixes. For those who dare not utter a word lest it be later found to be false, get over it. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Unless you are toiling in the lower echelons of some putrid scientific/technocratic/corporate dictatorship, I advise you to stop worrying about tripping up from time to time. Making mistakes is good for the inner journey. It stimulates development. This is the licence of mankind, to try stuff out. To create, experiment and transform. Eventually the initial vehicle of expression is transcended altogether.

This process can be accelerated by examining the most severely misunderstood aspect of the whole mind-psyche apparatus: the imagination.

Unconscious Imagineering

Imagination is the crucible of manifestation. With intent, and a combination of personal power and harmonic resonance (with complementary components), coherent imaginings become conscious experiences. Conscious experiences compose reality. Holding this concept, it follows that the contents of the internal imaginal palette construct reality. As the population remains unaware of the profound power of their imagination, with many not even consciously acknowledging its existence, hijacking this incredible holographic tool is made all too easy. All it takes is a little sorcery. Someone with the method, motive and opportunity.

Watching TV shortens the percipient’s attention span by conditioning short-term focus using constant rapid cuts and edits – no single image remaining on the screen for usually more than a few seconds. With the eye constantly flitting from one image to another, following the gush of audio-visual artefacts, awareness is unable to rest on anything long enough to form a view or develop an independent response. Ingeniously, the desired feeling/response, the prescribed configuration of emotional energy, is delivered with the images. No thought or reflection required. Here’s a McSnotburger and here’s what you think about it… Yummy! As techniques get slicker and the media itself gets richer and broadcast in higher definition, the effect becomes even more insidious.

Personal beliefs turned in on themselves to serve as conduits for Control System doctrine.

More than ever, the media you choose to imbibe from the screen should be as thoroughly moderated and scrutinized as if it is food being fed into your mouth.

Control System portals for imagination seeding do not just manifest in the mega blockbusters produced by avatars like Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and the forthcoming 2012, eugh). Home grown TV sludge is more than capable of distributing messages from Control System HQ and it reaches even more wide-open psyches.

Consider this from the BBC alone. To spare you all the odious details, I’ll just provide the name of the programme, tagline and plot summary. ‘Flood’ – It’s Coming Straight For Us. London is consumed by water. Chaos, social collapse and personal drama follow. ‘Survivors’ – One virus. Millions dead. A few survivors. The world population is decimated by deadly virus. ‘Apparitions’ – A terrifying journey into a world of possession and satanic conspiracy. A Jesuit priest helps exorcise people tormented by various supernatural terrors.

Do these sort of productions have true value? Immense quality? Extraordinary beauty? Intelligent humour? Passionate art? No. None of the above. But they do induce trauma. Trauma fragments the mind. Themes are introduced into the defenceless fragments. Mind prep. Dis-ease and revulsion at ultra low frequencies. Control System psy-memes, triggers for pre-packaged scenarios and phenomena. The sleeping British population has ingested the flood seed, the virus seed and the supernatural seed. Alien invasion seed next. Unconscious fourth dimensional concurrence fully commissioned, demographically customized and ready to roll.

The Control System is manufacturing its own dark reality tunnels by requisitioning the collective holographic power of the sleepers, all with their blurred but willing consent. Clever.

Take The High Road

How does one combat a system which holds such unyielding dominion over the low frequency vibrations of fear, desolation and suffering? By re-tuning the individual expression of consciousness – self – to empower, awaken and heal (as dealt with in Way Of The Infinite Explorer). In this way, micro resonances are amplified at the macro level [higher frequencies embed higher resolutions of data], sending luminous emanations out into each individual’s quadrant of the ecosphere and the unreality matrix, both 3D and 4D. These act as attractors for other high frequencies, other conscious beings. When a critical mass of consciousness is attained, the Control System mechanisms, which can only operate effectively at low frequencies, cease to exert any influence. They stop working.

Still, millions of minds continue to evade their own inner truth, reflexively pouring emotional, financial and psychic investment into the yawning jaws of regressive political and military-industrial systems. Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Capitalist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist. Simply different angles of a single Control System product. Puppet shows for the plebs. This is becoming increasingly self evident. In England, Tony Blair (Labour) was constitutionally even more destructive than the terrible Margaret Thatcher (Conservative). On paper, very different ideologies and principles, in practice they are identical. Both hell-bent on dismantling the better part of England’s self-governance, personal freedoms and national autonomy. Now all gone. England blurs into a European state. Is any of this worth investing in?

What keeps people dutifully repeating the same futile investments? Why endow what one knows instinctively to be untrue with one’s very own lifeblood? It is a matter of high strangeitude indeed.

A neophobe is someone who resists new ideas and chooses to suspend their own conscious evolution. Neophobia often sets in with the perceived responsibilities and social expectations of adulthood and parenting. Robert Anton Wilson employed the word in his book ‘Prometheus Rising’ to classify this ubiquitous phenomenon of self-imposed cerebral short-circuiting. The deep rooted compulsion to trudge and slave within the industrial matrix factory tends to induce an internal spiritual vacuum that arrests emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Despite the explicable nature of such a psychic malaise, the neophobe is nevertheless consenting to a distinct and conscious disavowal of authentic being. It is a choice to sleep.

The neophobic gravitation towards old systems, particularly in valuing the protestant work ethic and the incongruous pronouncements of government and scientism (the new Abrahamic religion), effectively disconnects the human mind from the greater universal field of consciousness. Unchecked, the neophobe automatically and comprehensively dampens all external novelty and spiritual insight. This is not the natural way for humans to live.

The Control System reinforces the neophobic impulse in humans by binding warm, nostalgic fantasies of a fictional golden era to a bygone age. The repeated association creates a powerful thoughtform linking happiness to the past. By inference, the new brings disquieting uncertainty when viewed through such a horribly distorted super-reductionist lens. Another erroneous belief implanted.

A friend of mine, after speaking to a neophobe, would walk back over to me shaking his head and say, “It’s no use, the shutters have come down.” Like a shop closed to new business, the steel shutters of the mind keeping the inside in and the outside out. Nothing new here, please stay away.

Territories Of The Mind

So it is that the neophobe imposes microscopic territories of mind upon himself. Mind always seeking delineation and division. A small square plot of mind with a picket fence all around. A garden with flowers, very nice. But don’t talk of venturing into the deep forests, the ice covered mountains, the vast sparkling oceans or the endless sapphire skies. They bring the unknown and the indeterminate. They evoke feelings that diminish the square plot of certainty. The presence of the infinite glimmering through the mirage of the finite.

Fear transforms one’s own inner darkness into an external enemy. Appropriated beliefs can conjure this false adversary into being. At super dense levels, ordinarily quite invisible to the isolated mind, we are imaginatively complicit in the existence of such demons and their elaborate conspiracies. It is only by going within, into the unfathomable depths of one’s own mysterious caverns, that we can indentify and disperse the stagnant energies that fuel this counterfeit foe. This is the game of the grand spiral.

Stop consuming. Reject hype. Stop watching mainstream news. Educate yourself. Read. Talk. Relax. Connect with and support like-minded souls. Go into nature. Have a big heart and be impeccable in your truth and your integrity. Bring deeper and clearer consciousness into every part of your life. Doing these things undermines the Control System unreality matrix more aggressively than by any other means, both personally and collectively.

Words can darken the mind (the third eye portal, deep blue light). The heart is harder to deceive (the heart portal, green light). Words of integrity and intent can be felt. Their energy resonates clearly. There is no cunning, no persuasion. Just sincerity and natural meaning. Deep inside the ultrasoup, there is no differentiation between one form and another. All temporarily discrete components of the universe are facets of ourselves, of each other. In the face of every personal challenge, in both suffering and joy, the truth of this should be brought to mind.

The integral growth of consciousness is not measured in volume, it is measured in resolution. The number of humans who understand what is occurring will perhaps always necessarily be few. Not all configurations of consciousness are ready to upgrade the bandwidth so radically. Not all are meant to. Furthermore, the Earth possesses a rich and diverse spectrum of consciousness; the human expression is but one of them. There are others. Many timelines, dimensions and destinies to unfold.

For those who choose to cast off the shroud of inertia, those souls who would rather live outside the city gates, the privilege of the outsider is unbounded discovery.

References & Footnotes

*Ultrasoup; my shorthand term for an ancient mystical observance, that of the divine undivided whole, the oneness, from which all things emanate and to which all things return. If you’re not mystically inclined, just remove the word divine.

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