Veritas – Heavenly Fires & Strong Delusions

Neil Kramer talks to Mel Hostalrich, host of Veritas Radio.  SEASON 13 PREMIERE: HEAVENLY FIRES & STRONG DELUSIONS. We contemplate four world perspectives: (i) the fiction, (ii) the non-fiction, (iii) hyper-reality, and (iv) supernatural reality. We also discuss scriptural eschatology, prophetic markers of end times, the great apostasy, the revealing of the man of sin, […] Read more

Veritas – Classroom Earth

Neil Kramer talks to Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio.  Mel writes: “It has become a tradition, just like when you attend a conference or a special event, there is someone present; usually a shaman, an elder, a philosopher, someone who can impart wisdom upon us. In this case, our special guest has devoted many […] Read more

Radiant Creators – The Secret Destiny Of Quiet Presence

Neil Kramer talks to Craig Simpson, host of Radiant Creators. Craig writes: “Radiant Creators is a collaborative endeavor composed of people whose passion, purpose and dedication requires forging their own unique path of empowerment and livelihood. These are people who willingly choose to buck convention, do what they love, create their own businesses, and live […] Read more

Higher Journeys Radio – The Path To Truth

Neil Kramer talks to Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys Radio.  We talk about the Transmutation movie, awakening and depth, choosing truth, equity in spiritual adventure, nature as ally, supernatural structures, suffering as purification, the 3D going away, everything is in the voice, spiritual detective skills, power flows into equilibrium. Alexis writes: “What does it take […] Read more

The Higher Side Chats

Greg Carlwood, host of The Higher Side Chats, talks to Neil Kramer & Niles Heckman about “Transmutation, The Divine Mysteries & The Path Of The Mystic” Greg writes: “It’s easy to feel disenfranchised with our cog in the wheel society and the life sucking Empire perched above it. Draining us spiritually, emotionally, and in every […] Read more

Veritas – Transmutation Behind The Scenes

Neil Kramer & Niles Heckman talk to Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio about their new film Transmutation. This feature documentary explores the rarely-seen intimacies of deeply individualistic mystical experiences of everyday reality. A roving philosopher guides us through the striking forests, coastlines, deserts, and cities of the world, inviting us to embrace the intense […] Read more

Higher Journeys Radio – Part 2

Neil Kramer talks on Higher Journeys Radio – Part 2. Alexis Brooks writes: “Neil joins Higher Journeys Radio once again for part two of a completely riveting and soul stirring discussion about mapping the shadow, growing into a fully conscious human and understanding the painstaking work that comes before any meaningful benefit can honestly be […] Read more

Higher Journeys Radio – Part 1

Neil Kramer talks to Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys Radio. Alexis writes: “This is a power packed hour of wisdom and insight from a man whom I refer to as one of the greatest spiritual philosophers of our time!” “The forces that craft and peddle control on this planet, though in existence for perhaps millennia, […] Read more

The Power Of Peace

Neil Kramer talks to Regina Meredith to discuss ‘The Power Of Peace’.

Regina writes: “While we continue to tear back the curtain of conspiracy, and dig under the rocks of suppressed information, we are often missing the obvious – how to craft the most beautiful and meaningful life possible. In my conversation with spiritual philosopher, Neil Kramer, we delve into the most basic of subjects – peace and will. What does peace actually mean and what is required to establish it at the core of our lives? What kind of strength does genuine peace bring? With a strong background in Hermetics, Neil shares his wisdom in his typically clear and high overview of what it means to live a substantial and beautiful life.”


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Cult Of Untruth – Veritas Radio

Neil Kramer joins Mel Fabregas on Veritas Radio to discuss the CULT OF UNTRUTH. Mel writes: “Neil Kramer honors Veritas on the premiere episode of Season 10. Some of the topics discussed: good secret societies, stratification of knowledge, tech giants and social media, taboo subject matters, the anesthesia of the new-age, no opposing voice in […] Read more

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