Esoteric Roots

Neil Kramer’s extraordinary Esoteric Roots audio seminar is designed for individuals committed to inner growth, mystical awareness, and deeper attainment. 2014.

Explore frank and forthright perspectives on soul, selfhood, grace, death, identity, astral control, pilgrimages, the hidden school, selflessness, education, initiations, and disciplines of the mystery.

OVER SIX HOURS of edifying and uplifting material, recorded live in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2014 over a weekend of excellent spiritual engagement and soulful contemplation.

Six complete sessions featuring: four new lectures, full Q&A session, expanded audience conversation session, plus companion PDF document with seminar images.

Understand the relationship between inner development and the outer mysteries. Clear, incisive, unreserved approaches to modern mystical practice. Don’t miss this opportunity for deep personal and metaphysical investigation, in a work that aims for advancement, honesty, and answers.

Listener Feedback

“Simply superb. Timeless wisdom regarding earth, the universe and life’s deeper purpose. A highly resonant no-nonsense talk, presented in Neil’s warm, humorous and engaging manner. Thank you for sharing.” LEIGH

“I’m devouring Esoteric Roots and having numerous epiphanies and synchronicities in my life because of it. Accept no substitutes, Neil is a special guy. He brings the magic in close and I love him for that.” KATHY

“Excellent – on my third listen through now and still getting new information out of it. I don’t know how he keeps it up. Awesome stuff. I love what this man has to say.” MAX

“Esoteric Roots is gold. Neil is one of the few voices that I trust. Just consistently insightful and grounded. Learning cool new stuff with a big smile on my face. Can’t ask for more!” ELIZABETH

“Love it! I have come to expect quality from Kramer and this is another awesome recording that you can listen to over and over. Particularly relevant to my journey and education. I highly recommend.” MARTIN

“This rocks like I knew it would. Blows the new age stuff out of the water and is never afraid to tackle difficult subjects. But with style and truth. Kramer is the real deal every time.” CHRISTOPHER

“I got Esoteric Roots, and then went back and got all Kramer’s other material. It’s all good. Thanks.” WELDON


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