Fire Of Life

Join Neil in this brand new audio workshop “FIRE OF LIFE” – recorded live at the Omega Institute, New York, 2019.

Immerse yourself in over 7 HOURS of uplifting spiritual edification, theological exploration, and renewing contemplation.

Inquire deeply into the nature of spiritual transformation, methods and authorities for discerning truth, foundations in faith, metaphysical scholarship, real Christian roots, personal and universal purpose, inner and outer regeneration, decoding the bible, distinguishing soul & spirit, solitude and loneliness, fostering contemplation, spiritual warfare, theology of death, cosmology & eschatology, prophecy and revelation, covenants and timelines, esoteric scripture, and more.

Inspiring and educational listening with brand new lectures, audience Q&A, plus companion PDF document with lecture images.


“Thrilling education in truth seeking, divinity and personal transformation. You cannot fail to be moved and motivated by Neil’s words.” GA

“Controversial, provocative and brilliant.” JP

“Treasures in spiritual teaching from a genuine spiritual teacher. One of a kind.” KW

“You’ll listen again and again. No-one tackles these deeply mysterious subjects better than Neil Kramer.” GE

“Such wisdom and warmth. You will have a new thirst for the sacred mystery after this.” HL

“Remarkable! Ancient and modern knowledge applied to real life. Gets your juices flowing. It worked for me.” JL

“A much-needed deep dive into the heart of practical spirituality and mysticism, and the whole thing brought to life with such color! Gratitude.” FE


Amongst a great many other things, this workshop also contains positive expositions of pure Christianity, in terms of roots, claims, theology, and application. If you simply don’t like Christianity, or are disinclined to distinguish between pure Christianity and false institutionalized religion, do not download. Conversely, if you’d like to deepen your mystical education and learn more about a critical and fascinating element of spiritual life, go ahead and enjoy! Thank you.


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  • SLIDES. The primary content is the audio recording itself. As with all Neil Kramer workshop recordings, any supplementary slides/images are purely for illustrative purposes and are totally inessential to the audio content and meaning. Not all slides are present and the slide order may vary from the actual event.
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