Collected Notes

COLLECTED NOTES. Writings and posts by Neil Kramer, collated from social media.

MAR 2024

The more a society is unwilling to recognize the existence of evil, the more evil’s objective presence in the world becomes theatrically amplified.

Without a genuine supernaturalistic worldview, evil doesn’t really exist. And without evil, wrongness is whatever people feel like it is… or isn’t. Inevitably, over time, wrongness becomes socially normalized. Woke. Morality and logic go out the window. People no longer care to know their arse from their elbow.

WITH a genuine supernaturalistic worldview, evil exists. Clearly and unequivocally. Wrongness is plainly distinguishable and avoidable, regardless of its apparent consensus support.

The sharp uptick in the bizarro-wrongness of mainstream global culture has helped millions of people to acknowledge something that only a few years ago would’ve been inconceivable. That is, that an awful lot of people accept evil. Indeed, they often re-write it as OK. Which, theologically speaking, constitutes a form of worship.

In 1828, Noah Webster described moral evil as, “deviation from the rules of conduct prescribed by God, or by legitimate human authority; violation of the plain principles of justice and rectitude.” True then and true now. Which is why people who value virtue are increasingly withdrawing support from individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions that propagate evil.

Theatrics provide undeniable in-your-face good and evil polarity in order to test your integrity. They are an intrinsic part of the intimate witness of our spiritual education here. No-one can say they don’t know about truth and divinity. No-one can say they don’t know about wrongness and evil. They do. You just either care or you don’t care. That’s what God is watching.

FEB 2024

I get the feeling that 2024 is going to be decision time for a lot of people. Some serious re-evaluating and recalibrating. Telling the truth about what really matters and what doesn’t. Which will mean walking towards some things and walking away from others. People, places, situations, worldviews.

Though the goal of the psychological warfare department of empire (the media) is to inculcate dread and resignation, they just keep on inciting people to acts of recalcitrant goodness, rebellious morality, insubordinate commonsense – and worst of all – uncontrollable Godliness. It’s the dazzling wrongness that gives them away. Wrong wars. Wrong diseases. Wrong immigration. Wrong sexualities. Wrong climate. Wrong science. Wrong education. Wrong elections. Wrong Presidents. Wrong judges. Wrong laws. Wrong history. Wrong bloody nearly everything.

Is the wrongness part of a divinely-orchestrated teaching to profile evil for us (courtesy of freely-acting evildoers), so we can distinguish it from goodness? So we can choose better? So we can demand better?

Observe how frequently the barrage of wrongness has the effect of obliging a natural contrasting response of rightness. We care to do good. We care to express what is genuine, rational, and noble. Especially in the face of the unnatural, the irrational, and the ignoble. Caring for the truth starts in the mind, then reaches the heart, then sinks into the bones, and then people actually start to live it.

So, is degeneration accelerating? Increasing polarization = proximity of the eschaton. In other words, the nearer we get to the end, the more stuff intensifies. Good-evil, right-wrong, true-false go into hyperbolic overdrive. Raw magnification and piercing crystallization. Why? To help us discriminate. Evil becomes explicit and self-evident. And we can see it has become culturally normalized and magnetic to many people. Goodness also becomes unambiguously manifest. And we recognize that in an evil culture, goodness is always inherently countercultural. It was 2000 years ago and it is today.

DEC 2023

Roaming around these past few days, quite untroubled and unhurried along the gothic coastlines of Northwest America, it’s easy for me to forget that my Christmases weren’t always like this. Only when I dismantle the safety barrier that inhibits dislocating memories, do I truly appreciate the chasm between the old gloom and the new peace. Be in no doubt, it was I alone who was responsible for my own Christmas misery. Extreme unstoppable focus of the world-lens, cruelly sharpening the emptiness and the withering artifice in mouths and hearts. Really, despite the presence of genuinely lovely people and legitimately agreeable things, they were all still somehow no match for my own internal sledgehammer of yuletide dread. Total bleakness outside, total bleakness inside. So, verily, I say to you, I bloody hated Christmas for most of my life.

For so many good people, Christmas is frankly just something to be endured and gotten through. Dark days, alone or not. Added to that, the accelerating excavation of evil happening all over the world right now… and sorrow is further intensified. Though one’s own private inner pains always go unseen, we do all know what it means to reach the end of our tether. And Christmas is undoubtedly a tether reaching time.

Of all the spiritual lessons that I’ve learned over the past half century, the most important of them is this: suffering is a divinely-ordained method for purging and purifying in order to comprehend higher truth outside of oneself. It represents, in a sense, the terminus of self. To avoid suffering, would be to avoid spiritual reality. So, I have come to regard harrowing experiences as purposeful. The very word harrowing (in farming terminology) refers to the process of breaking down clumped soil by raking deeply into it, so as to achieve a finer ground that is far more welcoming to new seed growth.

Wishing you peace, healing, and truth, whatever the status of your tether.

MAY 2023

You cannot magnetize things into your world. You cannot repel things from your world. You cannot heal yourself. You cannot find genuine friendship or romance. You cannot survive death. Only God provides these things. Not you. Not the universe. Not aliens, or guides, or ancestral spirits, or quantum fields, or anything else. Only God. Only the author of creation can change the creation.

What you can do is create the right conditions for God to bring change into your world. You can create the right conditions for God to introduce something or remove something from your life. You can create the right conditions for God to heal you. You can create the right conditions for God to bring real friendship and real romantic love into your life. You can create the right conditions for God to convey you onward to the next world.

The right conditions always require deep humility, rigorous truthfulness, and unconditional belief. Without those, you are on your own. You are spinning the wheel of fortune and misfortune, dreaming dreams, perpetually contending with statistical improbabilities, and living with ominous lonely doubts.

Above all, belief is the element that coheres and ignites the right conditions for Godly relationship. What is belief? Belief is living breathing trust in God’s omniscience. It is not blind faith.

Belief is the source of all supportive provision. Belief not in any particular outcome, but belief in God. Real belief. Not preparedness to believe. Not the intellectual possibility of belief. Not the hobby of occasionally believing when you want something. No. I mean active, devotional, unconditional belief. Unconditional does not mean perfection, it means trusting. If your belief is conditional, then it is silently untrusting. This restricts your ability to receive God’s help. Whereas, if your belief is unconditional, then you are unreservedly trusting God to respond to you in the best possible way. Which he always will. Sometimes in ways you expect. Often in ways you don’t expect.

APRIL 2023

I last said this on a blog 17 years ago. Let me say it again. There is no such thing as car violence, knife violence, fireworks violence, cliff-diving violence, beer violence, cheeseburger violence, or gun violence. Cars, knives, fireworks, cliffs, beer, cheeseburgers, and guns never hurt anyone. They do not assault human beings. Ever. They are 100% inert and impartial. Have beer and cheeseburgers killed millions through liver and heart disease? Should we ban all beer and burgers because they can be misused? Have cars killed millions in highway accidents? Should we ban all cars because they can be misused? Have knives killed millions in kitchen, camping, and medical accidents over the years? Should we ban all knives because they can be misused? Or is it infinitely wiser to focus on the improper usage of these things. Inanimate objects are only a problem in THE WRONG HANDS. Consequently, the focus should always be on preventing immature, unskilled, criminal, or unstable people from getting access to stuff that can hurt them and the people around them.

To take legitimate things away from THE RIGHT HANDS because THE WRONG HANDS misuse them – especially criminally misuse them – is profoundly illogical, extremely dangerous, and is consistent with totalitarianism. Observe. Every time an incident happens, imperial officials always robotically denounce “<inertobject> violence”. They are instructed to focus on the inert thing, not the crucial human hands. An intentionally disempowering ploy. Don’t be fooled.

MARCH 2023

Mainstream culture is Sodom. Debauched by design. Mainstream institutions are the Roman Empire. Corrupt by design. DON’T EVER be swayed by the avalanche of poisonous rubbish these edifices spew about race, gender, sexuality, medicine, environment, politics, history. We all know what is right and wrong. Everyone knows. Even the robot people who choose to bury it on a daily basis. Deep inside, they still know. And that buried knowing is their self-imposed mark of spiritual and moral resignation. Little do they realize the catastrophic supernatural destruction they bring upon themselves.

Ironically, as normal day-to-day life gets uglier, spiritual life gets clearer (not necessarily easier). Intense darkness makes light stand out. Evil is here. Good is here. We are living in a time of EXTREME divine testing. Sometimes it’s hard to just get through the day and complete the simplest of tasks. Quite normal for lucid people. Even so, in your own sphere of life, God is asking you to demonstrate your trustworthiness under pressure. Can you perceive what is real? Can you speak and act with integrity? Even though truth has become culturally taboo? Lead by example. Be the honest, loving, Godly, discerning individual you were made to be. Every time one of us walks in uncompromising truth, the preordained termination of evil is brought forward another day.

MAY 2022

One of the most common theological questions – especially these days – “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

One answer. This points to God’s threefold will: (i) his perfect will, (ii) the will of his law, and (iii) his permissive will. Ideally, what God wants is for us to observe his perfect will – living in integrity and rejecting vice and error (sin), without needing to be directed or disciplined to do so. Living truthfully and embodying goodness, naturally. This would result in little or no need for suffering (purification). If we fail to observe his perfect will, and instead, choose to live in vice and error (which we do), we then come under the will of his law. Basically, he gives us laws and standards to follow. If we follow them (which we don’t), more suffering (purification) is necessary, but not a ton. Finally, if we ignore all that, and just live selfishly for ourselves (which most people do), as if our life is all ours to do with whatever we like, then we come under God’s permissive will. He allows suffering (purification) to accumulate and escalate, generating greater and deeper disharmony, until we finally start to observe his innate, baked-in, natural teachings by way of our own free will. Ultimately, this leads to a path of intuitive, rational, humble alignment with his original perfect will. The good go onward. In stark contrast, selfish, ignorant, world-focused people are obliterated. Destroyed forever. Total equity and perfect justice. Everyone judged equally, based on their own free will choices, proportionate to their abilities.

That’s the short version.

It gets more complex when we consider that, at times, God also brings suffering on truly good people (like Paul, John, James, Job etc.), when he wishes for them (and others) to see something of particular importance in their educational journey. Once again, it is not punishment, but purification for the purpose of encouraging profound honesty and humility; essential qualities for genuine in-dwelling Spirit.

Suffering arises when veils of falsehood are torn away, burned, and reduced to ashes. This tearing, burning, and deconstruction is painful. But it purifies. Happens to us all throughout life, to varying degrees. Ultimately, suffering is not a bad thing. You can remind me of this next time I am in debilitating nerve pain hell from my wonky spine. Or a loved one suffers with cancer, dementia, MS, etc. A hard lesson to witness, within and without.

God’s perfect will for us always means the best, strongest, deepest, most loving, most sincere, most gracious inner being. We just can’t always perceive that from the fleeting space-time preparatory schoolroom of Earth. God always knows what is best for us. We don’t.

Just one esoteric theological view.


1. The issue of why innocent children suffer is too lengthy to address here. Involves pre-incarnate spiritual agreement, conditions of fallenness, and God’s omniscience (future seeing, whole knowledge). The passage of true innocents to the next world is assured.
2. Technically, the above question can properly be considered a “theodicean” question. That is, a question relating to theodicy, the branch of theology that deals with the existence of evil in a good God’s creation.

JANUARY 26, 2022

Truth is a fire. Incandescent and enriching. Ferocious and annihilating. Do you know how to hold it in your hands? Can you afford to bring it into your life? It burns everything it comes into contact with. Genuine things are enlivened by this burning. False things are devastated by it. If a person’s life has become too disingenuous, too compromised, too fake, then the scenery of home, work, relationships, perceptions, and aspirations becomes like desiccated parchment. Introducing a living flame into this tinderbox will lead to spectacular disintegration. Mental and emotional super-meltdowns; agonizing catastrophes of no value to most. So, if you ever wonder why people won’t accept the truth of something – even when the irrefutable reality is right in front of them – this is one reason. Truth burns down lies. Eventually, all of them.

JANUARY 10, 2022

Emotional intelligence = intimacy. The greater the emotional intelligence, the greater the faculty for intimacy. Without emotional intelligence, no real intimacy is possible. (1). Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, express, and manage emotions. It is both inwardly and outwardly essential for healthy relationships. It is a practice. It requires honesty, fortitude, refinement, and spiritual propriety. (2). Intimacy is the capacity for deep contact. From the Latin intimus: inmost, innermost, deepest. Without intimacy, we cannot know ourselves, each other, or God. Because of this, emotional intelligence and its powerful relationship with intimacy lies at the very center of spiritual life. Especially germane in these times of encouraged emotional naivety and gross narcissism. GENUINE deep hearted contact in one’s personal life unveils truth and accelerates the disintegration of evil worldwide.

DECEMBER 25, 2021

Christmas is bloody strange at the best of times. There are some wonderful moments. The hallowed contemplation of divinity. The beauty of winter solstice mists and ice. Glimmering lights in warm homes and tall trees. The fragrances of feasts and frivolity. Good people coming together in love, laughter, and peacefulness. And… there are some uniquely bizarre horrors too. Especially in these times of open lunacy. For many, the excruciating spectacle of witnessing the credibility of frayed family delusions being stretched to the absolute limit. Will the grotesque artifices be held together by string, chewing gum, and cocktails for another year? Or will it all completely disintegrate? Which is best? And there are far graver trials. Plenty of people haunted by loneliness, often in secret. Others fighting to stay afloat amid illness, debt, poverty, despair. All further amplified by the calculated depiction of a consumer Christmas. Certainly, a lot of people are not really where they want to be at Christmas, on many levels. Just as there are some who are exactly where they want to be and feel blessed. For everyone though, Christmas is utterly ruthless in how it discloses our relationship with truth. How we genuinely feel inside, how we live, how we think, how we lament, what we yearn for, what we need. All laid bare at this time of year. Wherever you are in this procession of teachings, know that God loves you whether you know it or not, like it or not, feel it or not. You are being cherished, known, and tested, night and day. Meet the challenge head-on by uncompromisingly choosing truth in 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Our approach to reality dictates what level of anxiety we feel. My approach to life on earth is that it’s half classroom, half battlefield. I expect to be tested. I expect to suffer. I expect to encounter evil. I expect long campaigns. I expect it to be hard. I expect to be held 100% accountable for my inner state and outer actions. I am not here on vacation to be happy and fulfilled. That is a profoundly immature and anti-spiritual point of view that many people nevertheless fetishize to damaging degrees of selfishness. And yet. I see massive courage in this world, shining truth, exalted beauty, deep kindness, endless creativity, miraculous healing, enriching wisdom, and transformative love. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a ton. These are the character traits we are being taught, slowly but surely, step by step. So many gifts from the Creator. Hints at what is to come after basic training in this world. For now, it’s about cultivating right context and attitude. Good approach = abiding peace. Bad approach = creeping anxiety.


We are currently receiving a first-class education in evil. Glory be. Everything is so clear and starkly polarized. No excuses for not knowing evil anymore. Here’s my take on just one topic. Your personal healthcare choices are your private business. You take responsibility for your own body and, naturally, act conscientiously towards others. Like all mature reasonable people would do every day. Reality check. Mandating or coercing vaccinations is evil. Immoral, unethical, unprincipled wrongness of the highest order. What you decide about your medical life is your business alone. Nothing to do with anyone else. Not governments, schools, institutes, corporations, no-one. It’s not even a question of whether you’re vaccinated or not. That’s up to you. It’s about whether you have confidential authority over your own body. You do. Even when you’re told you don’t. Embody the truth.

Compelling people to disclose personal medical histories is grossly improper and invasive. I hope you will remember those who participate in vaccine intimidation so you can vote them out or boycott them. This isn’t always on independent businesses, who are often ordered into adopting stupid measures and put in a real tough position by governors or county health officers. If your local authorities, government, or employer are complicit in this evil, I’m sorry. But now you know what kind of people you’re dealing with. They are uninterested in objective reality, disapproving of personal liberty, and prefer instead to willfully propagate tyranny. Sad, but critically important to recognize. On the flipside, be sure to acknowledge people and organizations who respect your privacy, individual authority, and freedom. Give them your time, patronage, and thanks. Upstanding, thinking, honest, moral people doing the right thing. Especially now. Hold tight. Our life on earth is a supernatural teaching. Good and evil. Right in front of your eyes. That’s why we came here. Know this above everything. Your individual truthful choices matter more than anything else in the world.

MARCH 2021

Self-described recovering liberals have been emailing me a lot recently. Not to complain about me being European, or English, or American, or middle class, or male, or heterosexual, or carrying a 45, or questioning the consensus, or talking about God, or liking the constitution, or birdwatching, or not getting vaccinated, or anything like that. No. But rather to fess up to something that’s become crystal clear to them over the last few months. They are recognizing that modern democratic socialism, along with its associated identity politics constructs, is all a complete and utter disaster. And with a volcano of political sewage already erupting from the current unpresidency, there’s plenty of visible evil to corroborate latent suspicions of gross malpractice.

People are also beginning to wise up to one of empire’s favorite psycho-emotional tactics. The con is predicated on the interrogation model of leveraging a child’s desire to please the authority of a dysfunctional mother and father. Through prolonged conditioning (mostly through school, media, and tech), the bad guardianship appeasing impulse is broadened into an adult subservience to unjust governmental authorities. The principle is the same. Unthinking acquiescent behavior is rewarded with acceptance and love. Thinking autonomous behavior is punished with rejection and hate. This accounts for the apparent ease with which otherwise sensible people are apt to throw logic and reason out the window. It’s a conditioned emotional response, not a rational thinking one. Never underestimate how badly people will deceive themselves for the faintest rumor of acceptance and love.

Once again, the ghastly situation we see out there in the big sad world, is due to the damaging complacency of ordinary people. The connection is unmistakable. Unthinking acquiescence sustains empire. Morons and empire suckle on each other like something from a grotesque Hieronymus Bosch painting. The reverse is also true. Every time a single person is roused from their own selfish hallucinations, and starts to think honestly, examine reality, and exercise discernment – empire slips another inch downwards toward its final theologically inescapable state of eternal oblivion. It is happening right now before our very eyes. The worse things get, the more people wake up (those who were ever going to wake up, that is). The more people wake up, the better things get. Either way, goodness wins.

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