We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood Empire is rapidly losing its preferred state of invisibility. Open talk now of deep state, shadow government, globalist agendas. Millions of ordinary people beginning to recognize that empire really exists and is our common hidden enemy – not each other. Empire’s increasing and irreversible exposure has forced a […] Read more

Thoughts On Coronavirus

Thoughts On Coronavirus By way of an open response to the many questions I’ve received regarding the coronavirus caper, I offer a few brief thoughts. Note, some of the more sensitive material cannot be shared in public yet. Please do your own research. Updated Sept 2021. As I understand it, covid and the accompanying vaccinations […] Read more

Extinction Or Graduation? 2020 The Year Ahead

Extinction Or Graduation? 2020 The Year Ahead BY NEIL KRAMER I see no mass awakening in consciousness. I see madness in the cities and suburbs. I see decadence celebrated in mainstream culture. I see the whole world being physically destroyed, never to return. And these things fill my heart with joy. It is my understanding […] Read more

Why Empire Hates Guns

Why Empire Hates Guns By Neil Kramer, April, 2018 When you understand what empire is and how it works, it becomes crystal clear why the Second Amendment is truly the foundation of liberty. The constitutionally protected right for an individual to bear arms in defense of life and home, and to deter wider tyranny, is […] Read more

2016: The Year Ahead

2016: The Year Ahead, by Neil Kramer 2016 will rigorously test people’s readiness to embody their truth. Can we live the wisdom and transformation we’ve been cultivating over years of study, journeying, and contemplation? Can we summon the strength to have our outside accurately reflect our inside? Are we ready to run our own world […] Read more

Invisible Empire

In discussing matters of society, politics, climate, war, education, and such like – the substance of the conversation is fundamentally determined by the participants’ cognizance of “empire”. Without knowledge of empire, the veracity of any discourse is severely restricted. As an exercise in grasping the gulf between Imperially conditioned responses and free-thinking observations, I drew […] Read more

Hypnotic Handshakes & Jedi Mind Tricks

The basic routine goes something like this. Most people are very habitual and ritualistic in their daily behavior. Everything works by pattern recognition, based on the prevailing social norms and the individual’s catalog of personal experience. Critical thinking is rarely required. Aware of the rigidity of these behavioral mechanisms, the Jedi* mind trick operates by […] Read more

2014: The Year Ahead

2014: The Year Ahead, by Neil Kramer This brief piece appears in New Dawn magazine, Jan-Feb 2014 edition. The editor asked me and several other authors and thinkers to give our 500 word perspective on what 2014 will bring. Read more at newdawnmagazine.com and get your copy. For millions of stirring souls, 2012 resonated the […] Read more

Cult Of The God Men

For 237 years, there has been a determined campaign to rein in the unruly experimental republic of the USA. The second term of President Obama is 100% about implementing an extraordinary new phase of this grand maneuver. Immediately after the thirteen colonies joined together to reject the cruel and repugnant British authority of King George […] Read more

Avocados And Dogma

When we esteem and define ourselves through our work, we falter. Whether scrubbing toilets, accelerating particles, designing suspension bridges, or contemplating existence on a mountaintop – the nature of our work is ultimately inconsequential. Galaxies effervesce, implode, and rejuvenate. Stars ignite and radiate. Planets throb, crack, and blossom. Interpenetrating dimensions yield inconceivable layers of flowing […] Read more

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