April 2018

Higher Journeys Radio – Part 2

Neil Kramer talks on Higher Journeys Radio – Part 2. Alexis Brooks writes: “Neil joins Higher Journeys Radio once again for part two of a completely riveting and soul stirring discussion about mapping the shadow, growing into a fully conscious human and understanding the painstaking work that comes before any meaningful benefit can honestly be […] Read more

Higher Journeys Radio – Part 1

Neil Kramer talks to Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys Radio. Alexis writes: “This is a power packed hour of wisdom and insight from a man whom I refer to as one of the greatest spiritual philosophers of our time!” “The forces that craft and peddle control on this planet, though in existence for perhaps millennia, […] Read more

Why Empire Hates Guns

Why Empire Hates Guns By Neil Kramer, April, 2018 When you understand what empire is and how it works, it becomes crystal clear why the Second Amendment is truly the foundation of liberty. The constitutionally protected right for an individual to bear arms in defense of life and home, and to deter wider tyranny, is […] Read more

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