About Neil

Neil Kramer is a British teacher, writer, and speaker, specializing in the fields of theology and esotericism.

Neil’s work focuses on cultivating a deeper understanding of self, soul, spirit, transformation, and divinity. His studies integrate many classical and mystical spiritual disciplines. His background in Christianity and Western esotericism has helped to foster a balance of both traditional and non-traditional approaches to comprehending spiritual reality.

Neil has taught as faculty at the Omega Institute in New York and Blue Spirit in Costa Rica, as well as many other independent venues around the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, London, and more.

Neil has guested on many independent TV, radio, and internet shows, and published writings for numerous magazines and websites. He is the author of the book, The Unfoldment. He has also written for many anthologies such as The Dangerous Man: Conversations With Free-Thinkers & Truth Seekers; The Sync Book: Myths, Magic, Media & Mindscapes; and Light Bulb Moments & The Power Of Critical Thinking. 

Neil’s synthesis of wisdom, eloquence, and forthrightness, has helped to earn his reputation as a widely respected figure in contemporary spiritual teaching.

Neil lives in Washington State, USA. When not exploring the shorelines, forests, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, he spends much of his time teaching, studying, and traveling.

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