Audio Cleaver

This is the essential 101 guide to the unreality signal and what you can do to change it. 2009.

Load up your MP3 player and head out with key writings from Neil Kramer, read by the author. Over 6 hours of penetrating and empowering material in this fascinating audiobook.

THREE WHOLE YEARS of essays from 2006 to 2009. What lies behind the veil of unreality? What is the control system? Who’s running the show? How do they do it? How do we attain real freedom? Why is the spiritual path so important? How do we let go of fear? What is the relationship between mind and spirit? How does multi-dimensionality affect our daily lives? What is the authentic path and how does it help us claim power?

Absorb large quantities of esoteric knowledge, all at your own pace, when and where you want. At home, in the car, walking or relaxing, you can now take the philosophical insights of Neil Kramer with you.

Enjoy a whole new audio dimension to what hundreds of thousands of international readers have enjoyed, as these diverse, contemplative and spiritual texts are brought to life in spoken word.

* Unveil, integrate & expand * Penetrate the matrix * Surf the eschaton * Learn Control System tactics * Empower the warrior spirit * Help liberate self from mind

Listener Feedback

“Simply amazing. These recordings will stay on my iPod for a very long time.”

“You bring light into a very uncertain world. I feel stronger now. My heartfelt thanks.”

“Fantastic information! Thank you. You really inspire.”

“We LOVE the Audio Cleaver, it’s superb!”

“A big thanks for the Audio Cleaver! Have been soaking up the gnosis. Very helpful and infectious.”

“Excellent quality. Am going to be listening to this again and again. I love it.”

“Inspirational. That’s the only word for it. Am ordering 2 more for friends.”


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