Radiant Shadow

Join Neil in “Radiant Shadow” – audio recorded live at the Main Hall, Omega Institute, New York, 2018.

Immerse yourself in inspiring spiritual contemplation, metaphysical discovery, and rejuvenating wisdom.

“Kramer shares real-world spiritual teachings that cultivate lasting equilibrium and deeper realization, helping to enrich every area of life. In times of dramatic social and global change, he offers a powerful living philosophy to clarify our spiritual nature and further invigorate the majestic journey of the human soul.”

Seven complete sessions featuring brand new lectures, audience Q&A, and companion PDF document with seminar images. Hours of inspiring listening.


“Fantastic! The secrets, the wisdom, the unveiling. Making the unknown known. Repeat listening essential.”

“Highly recommended. Rare spiritual comprehension and a genuine rallying cry for all those who seek the truth.”

“Neil’s reflections are deeply enriching. Priceless. Thank you for making sense of the madness.”

“Satisfying, thought-provoking and moving. Great respect. Profoundly relevant ideas and perspectives.”

“Beautiful, purposeful language. Thank God for a voice of clarity. I turn to Kramer for reason and depth and he never fails to deliver.”

“Wonderful, heartfelt spiritual contemplation for our time. Makes complex and cryptic material easy to understand and coaxes secrets out of their hiding places.”

“Fabulous words from a deep thinker who is the real deal. Always delightful to contemplate with him. Neil is a man of integrity.”


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  • SLIDES. The primary content is the audio recording itself. As with all Neil Kramer workshop recordings, any supplementary slides/images are purely for illustrative purposes and are totally inessential to the audio content and meaning. Not all slides are present and the slide order may vary from the actual event.
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