Higher Journeys Radio – Part 1

Neil Kramer talks to Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys Radio.

Alexis writes: “This is a power packed hour of wisdom and insight from a man whom I refer to as one of the greatest spiritual philosophers of our time!”

“The forces that craft and peddle control on this planet, though in existence for perhaps millennia, appear to be immutable – too powerful to sink or fail. But for some individuals on this planet, in what spiritual philosopher and teacher Neil Kramer calls “Empire” – the rules and rulers of this Global game just don’t exist. Neil joined Higher Journeys to discuss his thoughts on what it takes to walk a sovereign path, even amid this mad world of containment and control. And in his signature blend of eloquence and honesty, his message is simple but profound. In this episode we discuss the origins of societal containment, the acquiescence of the masses to Empire, the rise of Imperial socialism, the importance of finding equilibrium in life, the soul-less collective, education as a conduit for corruption, why we must design our own individualized menu for living, and the importance of being ready and willing to engage with the mystery of life.”

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