We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood

Empire is rapidly losing its preferred state of invisibility. Open talk now of deep state, shadow government, globalist agendas. Millions of ordinary people beginning to recognize that empire really exists and is our common hidden enemy – not each other.

Empire’s increasing and irreversible exposure has forced a shortening of their timelines. Hence we see all-out international destabilization tactics in the guise of  aggressive radical groups. Old trick. In reality, nothing whatsoever to do with equality, race, police, justice, climate, economics, etc. The façade of organic grassroots movements demanding social justice in the face of systemic prejudice is – in every case I have seen – a total deception; easily substantiated with honest and careful examination of the actual origins, personnel, funding, and goals of these organizations. Parroting absurd empire control slogans only causes further harm. The real purpose (higher up the chain of command) is the orchestration of worldwide social disorder, via covert agent provocateurs and conditioned chumps, with the eventual objective of introducing the apparently peaceful solution of imperial socialism. Let us not feed this evil.

All African, Asian, and European continental human groups have been oppressed. My ancestors were feudally enslaved for a thousand years, at the hands of empire’s corrupt monarchies and fraudulent religions. 100 million people were killed. That’s a conservative figure. Europeans are still slaving Europeans today in Belgium, Moldova, Croatia, Russia, and Ukraine. Africans are slaving Africans today in Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast. Asians are slaving Asians today in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and North Korea. We could list a dozen countries for each continent. Africans, Asians, and Europeans are being sold (each at the hands of every race) for forced labor, sex, organ harvesting, and sacrifice all over the world. Pick a group. No one group is special to empire. We cannot characterize this by skin color. It’s more complex than that. No peaceful or violent protests will change much of anything. Educating ourselves in spiritual wisdom and world history is far more effective. Only when we know the truth, can our actions change reality.

Given a natural environment, most humans aspire to goodness. We are not the problem. Need we reiterate that every African, Asian, and European soul is equal in the eyes of God and in the hearts of all rational humans? We know this. What we are witnessing is the end phase of classroom earth’s teaching in good and evil. We are being tested. Honesty and courage needed. We must seek the truth like never before; at home, at work, in the grocery store, with friends and family, everywhere. The truth about covid, race, education, gender, sexuality, ecology, history, spirit, morality, God. Become adept in discerning and telling truth. No need to preach. Sow seeds skillfully. There are times for zeal and power, and times for subtlety and diplomacy. A time to speak and a time to listen. Together, in truth, in God, we will overcome this supernatural evil. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12. Not figurative. Literal. Truth.



“Empire” is the human administration of a negative supernatural force. Empire denotes both an ideology and a group seeking to contain world society by restricting it to a lower intellectual, physical, emotional, and moral condition. Empire is old, influential, collectivist, and evil. It does, however, require the implicit consent of the people to function. Profound cultural and social manipulation deceives people into consenting to their own spiritual incarceration. The primary power of empire lies not in its might or cunning, but in its invisibility. People who are unmindful of its presence do not comprehend their own constriction. In present times, empire uses predominantly left-wing ideologies to instill collectivist and relativist doctrines into government, education, business, news, and entertainment.

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