Thoughts On Coronavirus

Thoughts On Coronavirus

I continue to be asked my thoughts on the coronavirus caper. I am happy to share my take on things and I hope it’s helpful in some way. For newcomers to some of the information below, note I’m not going into details with background, explanations, and links here. This is just a bare-bones outline. Plus, some of the more sensitive material cannot be shared in public yet. Please do your own research. You may see previous versions of this text elsewhere on the internet. This is the most up-to-date version. Thank you. Neil Kramer.

As I understand it, the coronavirus was originally conceived as a psyop* to disrupt the global economic, social, and political landscape in 2020, especially affecting the November elections in the USA. Whilst there may be a physical component to covid19, the chief elements of the psyop are social control, deep psychological anxiety, and severe economic depression – all grossly disproportionate to the actual problem itself. It was to be another false-flag social engineering abomination from empire** (fake terrorism, fake wars, fake diseases etc) to help normalize society to new levels of dystopian collectivist unpleasantness. But something changed all that.

Forces for good anticipated this empire pandemic stunt some time ago, and were ready to (i) attenuate the virus psyop (decrease its severity), (ii) sequester the media hoopla and lockdowns as camouflage for intense positive military and economic operations, and (iii) expose the treachery of empire to all thinking people who come to realize that the covid19 event was fabricated. Primary goals being to (a) deactivate empire’s communications, weaponry, human trafficking, and leadership; (b) deconstruct the corrupt financial systems that feed empire and subjugate the common people; and (c) educate people who value truth through revealing empire’s blatant and provable deceptions. How these goals will be met is anyone’s guess.

The plan unfolds in phases. Many of the extraordinary activities will go unseen by the masses who remain largely oblivious (by their own choice) of the unthinkable evil embedded in society for generations. The silent war continues nonetheless. Some operations will go public and will shock the world in a constructive way. “The world is at war with a hidden enemy.”

Make no mistake, the conflict between good and evil is, at root, of a wholly spiritual and supernatural*** order. Humans are not top of the tree. Important. People are going to need to look deeper and seek a higher truth more earnestly than ever before. The social structures built on empire are dissolving and this will lead to some discomfort. This needs to happen. Goodness, justice, love, and spiritual truth will always triumph. 

Do not fear.

If our sense of self-security is anchored solely in the physical world, then we invite anxiety around every corner. When the world trembles, we tremble. The truth is, all earthly things come and go, including wars, plagues, famines, tsunamis, earthquakes, peace, prosperity, stability, etc. Must our harmony come and go with them? Or is there another way? Right now we are being given a world teaching that compels us to carefully consider how we formulate our sense of inner peace. Contemplate. The answer lies in cultivating a relationship with that which does not come and go. That which is outside and above nature, the super-natural. The divine. God.  


*psyop – psychological operation, clandestine actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, societies, and governments.

**empire – the human administration of a negative supernatural force.

***supernatural – relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe, departing from what is usual or normal, attributed to an invisible agent.

Note: I reach my own views independently of any particular external source. I am not a Q devotee, although that is interesting and good to be aware of. I track many sources and carefully weigh and test everything, in addition to my own insights and experiences. I arrive at my own conclusions from my own thought.

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