Extinction Or Graduation? 2020 The Year Ahead

Extinction Or Graduation? 2020 The Year Ahead


I see no mass awakening in consciousness. I see madness in the cities and suburbs. I see decadence celebrated in mainstream culture. I see the whole world being physically destroyed, never to return. And these things fill my heart with joy.

It is my understanding that the reality we find ourselves in is best perceived as a classroom; a purpose-built learning environment designed to provide humans with experiential knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. These are absolute things. They are known only through giving one’s entire life to their study, comprehension, and embodiment. Every single human is given equal opportunity to embrace the divine commission to be transformed by this revelatory wisdom. No-one is any more or less favored for this task than anyone else. Attainment in spiritual life is solely a matter of free-will choice and dedication.

Most people wholeheartedly reject their holy assignment, and instead, live purely for their own comfort, security, and entertainment. Generally speaking, they are not particularly wicked or stupid people, they just decide not to accept the great personal responsibility of higher purpose. They tell themselves that life is an arbitrary product of an unintended explosion of cosmic debris eons ago, and the primordial slime that blindly evolved into humankind was just another weird blip in this accidental existence. If you believe you live in a pointless world, you tend to make yourself the object of your own aspirations. A life lived wholly for oneself.

Some people choose otherwise. They come to feel, experience, and know, that there is something higher than themselves at large in the world, and it is honestly the most important thing one can imagine. A great truth begins to crystallize in the heart: a divine entity made this world to test and train humans through a process of spiritual transformation. People become something other than they are. A life lived not for oneself. Simply put, God wanted to find the people he could trust to be with and create with in a new and exquisitely restored world.

The method of finding the trusted elect was simple enough: inspire the humans to elect themselves. Fair and square. That’s why classroom earth was created. Everyone alive will experience suffering and peace, fear and courage, ignorance and knowledge. To assist in navigating these harsh polarizations, divinity itself constantly transmits faithful guidance into everyone in the form of moral conscience – a kind of spiritual compass to help a person sense the goodness and truth of a thing, or, of course, the converse.

In this regard, it becomes obvious that life is expertly designed – inwardly and outwardly – to edify and uplift those who commit themselves to seeking truth. The providential nature of reality becomes inescapable. The world is dying to teach us. We must heed its profound teachings in distinguishing reality from illusion. In so doing, we amply demonstrate spiritual trustworthiness for eternal life.

Here’s the thing. Once the classroom has served its purpose, it is destroyed. The whole thing melts into fiery nothingness. The end of days. The 3D, everywhere, gone. Forever. A new, higher dimension now becomes the home for those who lived in preparation for it, as the moral conscience signaled all along.

Not everyone makes it. Many will be dissolved back into the golden ocean of God’s being from where they originated. Individual consciousness extinguished in an instant, because they never truly used it. These people have nothing to fear. They had no concern about this state of affairs before they arrived in the classroom, nor should they upon leaving it. It’s simply a return to the deep love of the adoring source that made them. Everything obliterated, with nothing lost. Every whisper of their life chronicle preserved in the whole.

Some people will be transferred into light bodies and find themselves on a new earth. At last, they will realize the perfect love, perfect home, perfect nature, perfect society, and perfect days, that they’ve always dreamed of. Their heavenly desires that could never be satisfied in classroom earth (that’s not what it’s for), now totally fulfilled. Literally, a life of divine communion.

We came to know. And we are knowing. To me, the extreme polarization in society signals that the classroom is about to conclude. That’s a good thing. When? Soon. Thank God. This is our last chance to understand good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. Let our every day be devoted to welcoming the dimensional fire that signals graduation, by uncompromisingly walking in truth no matter what.


This article appears in New Dawn magazine, Jan/Feb 2020 edition. The editor asked me to share my thoughts on ‘2020 the year ahead’ in 500 words. Learn more and get your copy at New Dawn magazine

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