March 2014

Hypnotic Handshakes & Jedi Mind Tricks

The basic routine goes something like this. Most people are very habitual and ritualistic in their daily behavior. Everything works by pattern recognition, based on the prevailing social norms and the individual’s catalog of personal experience. Critical thinking is rarely required. Aware of the rigidity of these behavioral mechanisms, the Jedi* mind trick operates by […] Read more

Roamcast 9: Firestarter

Neil Kramer probes the sacred principles enmeshed in the fabric of everyday life. Inquire into the uncompromising, the undistorted, and the unassailable, in this series of spoken word improvisational essays recorded live on location. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE. This episode features contemplations on: sinning as misconceiving, the beautiful stream, nomadic perspectives, people who are easily offended, […] Read more

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