Cult Of The God Men

For 237 years, there has been a determined campaign to rein in the unruly experimental republic of the USA. The second term of President Obama is 100% about implementing an extraordinary new phase of this grand maneuver.

Immediately after the thirteen colonies joined together to reject the cruel and repugnant British authority of King George III, an international group of powerbrokers decided that it would temporarily loan America to the colonists. Once the smoke had cleared, they would then surreptitiously slide back in and regain control over this prime piece of real estate, even if they had to wait patiently in the wings for a couple of centuries.

At that time, the European element of the powerbrokers was comprised of influential men inside the priesthoods and monarchies of Europe. Let us call this group “the Empire”, for that is really what they are. They openly exhibit all the key properties of an Empire, and indeed, their unbroken lineage can be traced through most of the notable historical Empires of the last few millennia, such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mongol, Ottoman, and British. Empire is always older and more unified than initially supposed. Whilst I concede that such a notion may be fairly considered as eccentric within mainstream history, it is a notion, nevertheless, that I am increasingly obliged to posit.

In eons past, the Empire observed that having enormous power continually shifting from one warring tribe and civilization to another, was not helping matters. Unforeseen things could happen amid the turmoil that generated great social flux and made their mandate of global control troublesome. So the Empire decided that it would be far better to have the power remain in one place all the time, orchestrated by a single coherent Imperial group. As a device for achieving this, they invented the God-man (Deus Homo).

For the sake of outward appearances, the Empire would judiciously and temporarily confer a measured portion of world power upon a few preferred tribes through their chosen (never elected) God-men. This gives the illusion of the natural rise and fall of empires, nations, and cultures. As to precisely what tribes got what powers, that would depend entirely on the changing agenda of the Imperial gameboard, which essentially regards Earth and its inhabitants as one huge capital asset. So though it might appear that the Persians, Vikings, Nazis, Barbarians, Muslims, or Christians spontaneously take up the baton of power here and there, this is not altogether true. The core power always remains centralized and veiled. It is important to note however, that Imperial power, as influential as it is, is not total power; no-one and no-thing has that. The power of Empire derives more from its invisibility than its might.

The myopia caused by modern day “machine culture” prevents the conditioned mind from comprehending any project that stretches beyond its own lifespan. Such things are perceived as purely abstract and may as well not really exist. Duration is cast as an enemy. The pursuit of goals that will only be attained a thousand years hence is regarded as unreal. The Empire always plays the long game. Imperial objectives are therefore considered necessarily immaterial to the culturally stained mind. Yet in the background – expertly concealed by the incessant unreality projection – Imperial power is unaccountably shaping world events.

In this model, power was briefly granted to George Washington in 1789, and then symbolically passed along the line from one President (God-man) to another, from one administration to another, all the way down to Obama. Throughout this process, the colorful pageantry of elections and party politics made people forget all about the Empire behind it all. Hell, it had worked in Europe for a couple of thousand years, so why not America for a couple of hundred? The people will uphold and even celebrate wrongness, just so long as it appears to have popular consent.

From time to time, genuine renegades appear within the God-man dynamic; men and women who bring forth a true and virtuous spirit, transcending the crushing demands of Empire and inspiring real human growth. All over the world, God-men go rogue in this wonderful way. They derail centuries of meticulously crafted plans and dislodge the iniquity of Empire. America has had (and continues to have) a disproportionate number of these marvelous rogues. They don’t always last very long, but they show us something valuable.

Imperial God-men are precious assets. It takes a great deal of time to locate, groom, and ideologically align them. These things may happen with or without the targets conscious consent. Depends on the individual. One thing’s for sure – when an especially industrious and amenable God-man is established, the Empire lets them go at it for as long as possible. This is why we see numbskulls enjoy consecutive full terms in office and continued deep political influence as independent operators. A perfect example is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, aka ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair (more about him later).

Pendulum Of Futility

Over the last 13 years, the Empire has greatly enjoyed the compliant duplicity of both the Bush and Obama God-men administrations. From 2001-2009, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, pushed the overt Empire card to the limit (fascism), so it was high time to swing the pendulum back the other way to the covert Empire (socialism). Either way, both fascism and socialism take advantage of identical anti-individualist philosophies in exercising control over the population. Appearances of opposing social philosophies are strictly for show.

Whilst Bill Clinton lacked the militancy to impress socialist philosophy upon the heart of America, the bright young Obama presented no such obstacle. Forget Panetta, Hagel, and Biden; they don’t come into it. Obama was a dream come true for the adept Imperial strategist. Moreover, he was so wrapped up in his own ideological ambitions and violent egomania, that he would serve as an exemplary Imperial agent, in that he remained entirely oblivious – or even indifferent – to the extent to which he was being manipulated. So long as Obama personally feels that the USA is being shaped in accordance with his own Euro-socialist ideals, he will do anything necessary to make it happen. Anything.

It is a matter of public record that Obama is directly responsible for some of the most scandalous crimes of public office in America. (1) Codename: National Defense Authorization Act 2012. Actual: The unlawful detention and killing of enemy combatants (anyone who opposes Empire, including American citizens) – totally trashing Habeas Corpus (the right of people under arrest to get a fair hearing before an impartial Judge or court). (2) Codename: National Defense Resources Preparedness. Actual: Approving the immediate and total confiscation of private and public resources in the interests of Empire. (3) Codename: Internment And Resettlement Operations. Actual: Legalizing the forcible mass relocation and detainment of innocent men and women in processing camps. (4) Codename: Strategic UAV counter-terrorism operations. Actual: Authorizing unprecedented levels of extra-judicial killings via global drone strikes.

This isn’t an especially American horror. The European Imperial agents have been routinely dishing out mayhem for thousands of years. In recent times, British God-men, Margaret Thatcher (Conservative/Republican) and Tony Blair (Labour/Democrat), committed multiple parallel acts of violence and tyranny during their premierships, far too numerous to list here. Naturally, it was all masked in parliamentary obfuscation and arcane legal claptrap. Defense of the realm and all that. But it was the same thing in the end: the government damaging the very people it’s ostensibly meant to serve.

Ignoring the routine destruction of life and liberty, Obama’s principal objective is the implementation of a very particular belief system into modern American life. He has been tasked with making an anti-human philosophy appear desirable; one that will see 300 million Americans consenting to and participating in the destabilization of their own society and national infrastructure. This insidious belief system is called collectivism. Collectivism affirms that the group is more important than the individual. It accentuates group ambitions and devalues individual aspirations. It fabricates a highly pressurized socio-political climate where prescribed group-think is more desirable than individual free-thinking. Collectivism deters people from self-reliance, personal excellence, intellectual autonomy, and higher metaphysical truth.

Collectivism works against growth. The whole point of coming to Earth as a human being is to discover, learn, and grow by determining things for yourself. Real conscious development means transcending old forms. Collectivism undermines that. The idea of a nation-sized collective with its own group-centric policies, property, and resources, only works if a principal Empire does not exist. It does. So group policy always ends up becoming Imperial policy, from the top down. This results in mass poverty, cultural insularity, an anti-individualist social climate, and a crooked elite class. This isn’t just China, Russia, and Korea, it’s also Mexico, Japan, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, India, Argentina, and Pakistan. People born in those countries (and dozens of other countries like them) – who want to make their own decisions and live their own lives without explaining anything to anyone – must choose to either perpetually struggle against the odds, or else emigrate.

Once more, we are not talking about wrongness in the people of these countries. Anyone who is emotionally triggered at having their nationality insulted should go away, right now, and flagellate themselves. We are talking about the Imperial policies that directly instruct the think tanks, corporations, and governments of those nations. Empire has nothing to do with natural human races.

To understand collectivism better, it’s important to know that there are both vertical and horizontal flavors. Vertical collectivism is based on inflexible social hierarchy, strict moral and cultural conformity, and unaccountable internal policing. It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a very good idea. Think Communist Russia of 1950. So we shan’t bother to summarize the reasons why. And then we have horizontal collectivism, which asserts that everybody’s worth and social status are equal. This is the basis of egalitarianism, a belief system that depends upon an ambiguous concept called equality. Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other Euro-zone states are aggressively programming their peoples to desire egalitarianism. Though equality simply means “being equal”, it has come to infer a “social equality” of rights, status, and opportunity. Sounds reasonable. But there is a colossal falsehood here.

We Determine Our Own Value

Equality is one of the primary ideological tactics that Empire uses to maintain control in the modern era. The practical application of equality dissuades people from the revolutionary business of true personal liberation. It shuts down inner unfoldment and concentrates day-to-day thinking and activities on outside distractions. It keeps people on the hamster wheel.

Here’s my take on it. Equality does not exist – because the universe has no need for it. The only thing that we all have in equal measure and of equal value is our state of aliveness. That aliveness brings a unique opening for growth as spirit descends temporarily into matter. On this expedition, the depth and quality of our being, through growth and purity of presence, is the only measure of value that is worth a damn. That is our equal opportunity. What we do with it is up to us. We generate our own value and it cannot be known by another. Everyone is at a different level of inner attainment and becoming. The animal, the soul, and the divine seek union in their own time, in their own way.

We can never fundamentally know where anyone else is at. We can barely know for ourselves. There are signs of attainment that the very wise may discern, but they are only signs; like clouds may tell of rain, or falling leaves may tell of autumn. But they are not certainties. The clouds may pass without a single drop of rain. The leaves may fall and autumn remains far away. Nevertheless, we know in our gut when we are in the presence of someone who radiates goodness, just as we know when we’re with someone who radiates wrongness. We just know. We can tell.

A person demonstrates their inner worth through the quality of their being and thought. Their value as an individual and as a member of a community is determined solely by themselves – expressed in daily conduct, privately and publicly, and through on-going growth. Opportunities in life come from the inside outwards, not from the outside inwards. The only rights we have are the rights we claim for ourselves, from our immaculate core.

There is an in-joke that has long been uttered among my friends. It goes like this: “People are good, people are crap.” It is a humorous recognition of the paradox of humanity. So much excellence, so much disenchantment. Look around, walk the streets, listen to the dialogue, observe the demeanor, see deeply into what is in front of you. Most people walking around are unconscious and inauthentic. They are not alive. This state of overwhelming human insincerity stems not from some innate brokenness or accident of circumstance, but from personal decisions to hide from reality. To choose to dwell in a fake world that somebody else made, is to walk the descendant path.

Whilst no soul can ultimately lack worth (because they are all emanations of the divine), self-destruction is always possible through unspeakable separation; to move so far from goodness and divinity, that all traces of coherent individual expressions of consciousness are lost. We have the power to consign ourselves to the universal compost heap. Not the worst place to end up, by any means. Yet it is far from the homeward journey.

Esoterically speaking, all experience is self-generated; all pain, all misfortune, all horror. Just in the same way that all joy, all fortune, and all delight are our summoning. How you think and feel shapes the flow of manifesting events. It doesn’t create them. It takes the clay of reality and sculpts things from it… which is good enough. But when people don’t think this is possible in their deepest heart, they become despondent and retreat from life. They withdraw because it’s all too weird, cold, and disjointed. This is all that is required for corruption to reign. Silence is consent. Nothing is being done to man – man is doing it. Sure, there are some other ultra-dimensional players in there too, but their dominion is unexpectedly slight. Freewill is always primary and all ensouled humans have it.

Wicked Nonsense

One vital ingredient of collectivism is secrecy. You cannot administrate collectivist social policy openly, because it will eventually be exposed as wicked nonsense. And then revolutions happen. So it all has to be conducted within a culture of strict suppression. Right now, as of November 2013, there has rarely, if ever, been such astounding censorship within the US Government. It is sobering to examine the actuality of Obama’s regime, contrasted with his pledges of transparency in 2009.

Veteran ABC White House correspondent Ann Compton said of Obama: “He’s the least transparent of the seven presidents I’ve covered in terms of how he does his daily business.”

The New York Times correspondent David Sanger called the Obama administration “the most closed, control freak administration I’ve ever covered.”

The public editor of the NYT, Margaret Sullivan, said his administration is “turning out (to reflect) unprecedented secrecy and…attacks on a free press.”

Associated Press senior managing editor Michael Oreskes stated: “The Obama administration has been extremely controlling and extremely resistant to journalistic intervention.” … “There’s a mind-set and approach that holds journalists at a greater distance.”

Washington-based Financial Times correspondent Richard McGregor: “Covering this White House is pretty miserable in terms of getting anything of substance to report on in what should be a much more open system.”

CBS Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer calls the Obama administration “the most manipulative and secretive (one he ever) covered.” He remarked, “this administration exercises more control than George W. Bush’s did.”

Cameron Barr, The Washington Post’s national editor, stated, “reporters are interviewing sources through intermediaries now, so the sources can truthfully answer on polygraphs that they didn’t talk to reporters.”

Frank Sesno, former CNN Washington bureau chief, now director of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, stated that the combined efforts of the Obama administration are “squeezing the flow of information.”

Leonard Downie Jnr, author of a special report for the Committee to Protect Journalists, just stated in Oct 2013, “What I see here is that Obama campaigned against excessive secrecy, promised to have the most transparent government in American history, signed presidential directives in his first day of office with a lot of fanfare, continues to say in speeches and interviews and press conferences that transparency is a high priority for him, AND IT HASN’T HAPPENED.”

Associated Press executive editor, Kathleen Carroll, said the report highlights increasing threats to independent journalism in a country that has upheld press freedom as a measure of democratic society for two centuries. “We find we must fight for those freedoms every day as the fog of secrecy descends on every level of government activity.”

And all these observations from a left-leaning press. I could’ve picked fifty more, all equally troubled by the Obama directed containment.

Children are indoctrinated to accept a suppressive society from elementary school onwards. They are injected with political correctness, positive discrimination, apathy for the 1st and 2nd amendments, a sense of entitlement, acceptance of big government, and agreement with economic dependency. Today, in America, young people are conditioned to start life with typical low-end debts of $30,000. For many, this may not be paid off until the age of 35, by which time they’ve already accrued additional debts (mortgage and cars) averaging $250,000 to $350,000. This doesn’t take into account credit card debt. Total freedom from debt will ordinarily be achieved, if all goes according to plan, by around the age of 62.

This is debt as a way of life. Debt keeps people working. Working keeps people from thinking and being.

Is this system working well for us? Is this the best we can do? Do we feel that government is serving us properly? Do senior government people represent the most enlightened among us? Are they honorable people? For only honorable men and women can help to usher in new epochs of human ingenuity and abundance.

Pulling The Trigger

Nowhere is collectivist conditioning so apparent than when speaking of guns. It makes things really easy to see: the group-think, the emotional activation, the ethical hallucinations. “Ethics” is obligingly defined by Webster’s 1828 American dictionary as the science of moral philosophy “which teaches men their duty”. I would love to meet the man who feels righteously and philosophically positioned to teach me my duty.  

The commonly parroted justification for gun control is contemptuously irrational. As the UK government did 20 years ago, the current US government is having another go at trying to persuade the people that by taking guns out of circulation, society will be safer. Here’s the key: this is always automatically and unconditionally false when a WRONG-HEARTED government is in power. Such a government has no natural interest in public welfare. Concurrent toxic governments have been in power for a long time in America and Europe. It would only make sense to even consider removing guns from the hands of the people if they were being impeccably served by a TRUE-HEARTED government. In any other circumstances, it is delusional and irresponsible to disarm ourselves.

More people die from organ diseases caused by refined sugar and high salt (both enthusiastically promoted to the unthinking US supermarket consumer) than the statistically tiny number of people killed in shooting sprees. As for gang violence, which is really where human violence involving guns is centered, once more, the problem is evidently not with the hardware. Imagine a situation where you airdrop two opposing gangs on an uninhabited island. Do the specific tools they use to express their mental instability really matter? Does it make a huge difference whether they are shooting each other, stabbing each other, clubbing each other, or strangling each other with their bare hands? Aren’t they all as barbarous as each other? In fact, bare hands is perhaps the most savage.

If it really were about removing especially hazardous things from the environment, there would be nothing left. We would live in an empty world. No mountain passes, bridges, roads, or cars. No naked flames, waterfalls, or lakes. No kitchen knives, meat cleavers, or ovens. No hammers, screwdrivers, or wrenches. No cigars, pipes, wine, or whiskey. No pitchforks, axes, or lawnmowers. We’d need to remove everything under some vast government civilian protection plan. Then we could convert the whole world into a huge kid-safe playground, full of colorful rubberized furniture and spongy floors. Michael Bloomberg would probably like that.

There is no such thing as gun control; there is only human control. There is no requirement for inert lumps of metal and plastic to be controlled. They don’t do anything in and of themselves, and have absolutely no agenda. Equally, there is no such thing as gun violence. Guns do not engage in violence, at all, ever. Never have done, never will do. There is only human violence.

It is profoundly unwise to remove objects from our world because mentally ill people have abused them.

Many years ago, in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, I got talking to a guy in a cafe about the absence of speed limits on German autobahns. Obviously, as a 30 year old man, I thought this was the most fantastic thing ever. He agreed. He said, “In Deutschland sind sie behandeln dich wie ein Erwachsener, während in Britain und Amerika, sie dich wie ein Kind zu behandeln.” Translated: in Germany they treat you like an adult, whereas in Britain and America, they treat you like a child. And there you have it. That was just on one automotive issue, but the principle is good. This is the modus operandi of contemporary collectivism: treat them like babies and they will act like babies. Give them little treats, baby movies and baby music, keep them distracted, and let Mommy and Daddy look after all the big important things. Mommy is the media. Daddy is the God-man.

Well I’m All Broken Up About That Man’s Rights

Another rich seam of living truth came from a man I met in Portland, Oregon. I bump into him in a local coffee shop now and again. His name is Tom and he used to be a cop. He likes to talk about the state of the union, as it were. So do I. The other day, we were yakking about Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Rand Paul, sequestrations, shutdowns, national debt, and so on. But above all, we focused on the present government’s apparent resolve to negatively edit the Constitution.

We spoke of Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller and his public refusal to enforce any unconstitutional federal regulations on firearms that Obama decrees. He felt it contravened the oath he took, made community policing harder, left honest people more vulnerable, and empowered criminals. He’s right. And a growing number of Sheriffs across America are thinking and doing the same, far more than CNN or MSNBC would care to admit. In Europe, this sort of autonomy and steadfastness would be nigh-on-impossible for true-hearted policemen to declare (for the moment).

Tom recognized that the Constitution was not created in ideal circumstances, and is far from a perfect document, but is nevertheless “a written reference point” that is better than “an unwritten nothing”, which is the defining circumstance of many European countries, including Britain. Typical words from Tom. He ignored politically correct noise and got straight to what is real. I have a hunch that an awful lot of people feel like Tom, but they might not openly admit it, because they fear the disapproval of the collective.

“Bad guys don’t do paperwork,” Tom said more than once. Whatever the individual state laws on firearms, however stringent or relaxed they may be, it makes no real difference to criminals. Criminals are not negatively affected by gun control. Criminals are positively affected by gun control; it makes their job easier. The people negatively affected by gun control are not criminals, they are you and me.

From two totally different perspectives – a 41 year old British mystical wanderer, and a 60 year old American ex-cop, amateur fisherman, and father of four – to the very best of our ability, we both arrived at the same single definitive statement on gun control. That statement was this: “The major government-corporate campaign for gun control is not designed to make society safer. It is designed for something else.” What that is, is open for debate. His hunch was to protect the government from the people. Mine was for Empire to harvest consenting subservience from the people. Either way, something is badly wrong.

We agreed that mandatory background checks seem like common sense at first glance. Of course they do. We don’t want nut-jobs waving guns about in the grocery line. But once again, this only works properly if a true-hearted administration is authoring the guidelines. If we know otherwise, then a push for background checks means something else. Logically so. Safety is not their concern. Their concern is in acknowledging that they cannot have an armed collective if they want to completely control them. The Imperial maxim: background checks are a platform for registration and registration is a platform for confiscation.

The authority of Empire rests solely on violence. That violence comes in many forms – not only in a preparedness to kill, but also in the violence of hierarchy, competition, dogma, and servitude. This is the violence that is embedded in the social structures of Empire, in every major nation in the world. So you have to work backwards to resolve the violence, knowing every violent falsehood of servitude, dogma, competition, and hierarchy, and finally that of killing itself. You can’t skip any of the stages. Moving directly to remove guns does nothing to change the innate brokenness of our Imperial culture which is designed to be violent from the outset.

The same deadly authority that Empire uses against the people, can be claimed individually by sovereign men and women who choose to do so. The decision to take violence into one’s own hands is not for everyone. To face, conduct, and channel violence consciously requires a very particular kind of judgment and energetic deportment. Thank God there are those who have this within them and who take it upon themselves to hold human aggression in a space of light. The sword may slay the dragon without ever leaving its scabbard. But if there is no sword, the dragon may reign for many long ages. The true, naturally liberal human may not wish to wield the blade themselves, but they may see the wisdom in ensuring that other good men can do so.

Living idealistically is the self-harming daydream of collectivism. It is a way of ignoring the essential question of how things really are. The idealist transacts only in mirages, because their reality structures never arrive. Ideals are always tomorrow – the safe promise of every politician. It’s all in the future. It is not here. Well to put it bluntly, there is no fucking future. There is only this, now, in front of your face. This here. This is everything. You have to change this. The truth of where we are now is that man is violent, and that violence is as an elemental part of life, like food, water, shelter, hot, and cold. This is true. It is the nature of our present reality. Until we comprehend its veracity, we cannot move forward.

Guns spoil the collectivist party. They cut through the atmosphere of defeat and resonate something weird and dangerous, all without a single shot ever needing to be fired. This is a good thing. In the possession of true-hearted men and women, guns preserve the spirit of the human republic. If you don’t like the sound of that, shut up, wake up, and fuck off. Whether you choose to bear arms or not, for the moment, today, the armed free man physically and philosophically represents a move away from Empire and toward sovereignty.

Obviously, Massively, Palpably Wrong

The disaster of an unarmed Britain is an issue close to my heart. I first started writing publicly as a direct reaction to the fraudulence of the British Government. Their duplicity was not exactly new, but I found it impossible to stand by and do nothing as they battered the British people into a state of defenselessness. First they removed firearms during the 1980’s and 1990’s (following two PSYOPs involving Michael Ryan (in Hungerford, UK, 19th Aug 1987) and Thomas Hamilton (in Dunblane, Scotland, 13th March 1996)), then they went after knives in the 2000’s. They ordered the feeble mainstream media to report gun and knife crime like it was the only thing in the world. That’s when it really hit me – personally – the scope of the Empire. It was a hard realization. The memory of it still gives me compassion for those who choose not engage with the truth of our situation.

Today in the UK, you cannot own a real pistol or rifle at all. Even Olympic marksmen are forced to train in neighboring countries. It’s stupid. Army marksmen go to prison for keeping ammunition personally, with no ill-intent whatsoever. Civilians caught with pistols are immediately jailed. Maybe if you’re a farmer you can have a shotgun (not a pump action), but first you need a certificate proving your mental wellbeing and you have to make a case to the police for the absolute employment necessity of owning such a tool. This is wrong. Who are the government to tell people what they can and cannot have? There was no vote. No informed examination. No intelligent dialog. Nothing. Only Imperial decrees.

I do not want to live in a place where the government and their agents are the only ones with the guns. No-one has any right to tell me what weapons I can have, what I read, what I listen to, what I watch, what I eat, what I drink, what I write, what I say, what I think, where I go, when I go, why I go. That is my business.

Consider the “patient protection and affordable health care act”, aka Obamacare. The government is pretending it’s about helping people to stay healthier. This is not true. Wrong-hearted governments couldn’t care less about the health of the people (other than having them toil for longer). The obligatory imposition of healthcare insurance plans on an entire population – most of whom cannot afford this ‘affordable’ insurance – is in fact an ambitious exercise in collectivist programming. It is not about health. It is not even about money. Increased government revenues from Obamacare are just a nice little bonus. The real game is in establishing how compliant the people really are. Obamacare is a test of subservience.

Let’s be absolutely crystal clear on this. No-one has the right to tell you how to look after yourself. No-one. Yet the government is attempting to force Americans to purchase approved health insurance, or they will be punished. They will be fined for choosing not to do something that is nobody else’s business. And those fines will increase over the years. This is so obviously, massively, palpably wrong. And it is meant to be. Anyone who can think freely for themselves knows it is wrong. But what will they do about it? And therein is the test.

The government is purposefully overstepping its charter (albeit purely theatrical) of serving the people. Their overreach into people’s private affairs is a carefully calculated act to measure acquiescence to collectivism. They are trying it on, big style.

Breaking The Old Pattern

What keeps me from falling into any undue glumness when looking into all this Machiavellian sludge, is the knowledge that over the last 15 years, I have observed that the old hierarchy is progressively disintegrating. It is losing its powerbase day by day. I have been watching very carefully.

For most of the 1990’s, I had been enthusiastically engaged in plenty of mystical and metaphysical work, but had failed to apply it to the life right in front of my eyes. That stopped in 1998, after a year of watching Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair dismantling Britain at a deeper level that Thatcher had ever dreamed of.

I am convinced that the preceding Conservative government of John Major (PM from 1990-1997) was tasked with ending the British political system. Through natural incompetency and contrived tribulations, the last remnants of a rational and prudent political system were cast into the abyss, never to be seen again. So when Tony Blair arrived with a landslide electoral victory in 1997, it was – for a fleeting moment – a welcome change of scenery for many millions of Britons. Long-term Labor voters (Democrats) were absolutely delighted. They were floating on air. The interminable years of uninterrupted Tory command (1979-1997) had finally ended. Little did they know how truly abysmal it was now going to get.

To cut a long story short, Tony Blair used collectivism to diminish the British spirit and destroy personal freedom during his ten years as PM from 1997 to 2007. He oversaw the transition of Britain from a constitutional monarchy (which was bad enough) to a European collectivist state. He was successful in that respect. And on the surface, he got away with it, even though people continue to throw eggs at him when he appears in public. But of course, on a higher metaphysical level, he cannot possibly escape his own personal betrayal. His reckoning will come about in good time, though we may not have the satisfaction of witnessing it. As a wise man once said, “Leave vengeance to God. He never misses.”

Obama is Blair. Great image. Nice smile. Adept at handling the unthinking throngs. The outer packaging is really, really good. But they also both share the same inner decrepitude that results in monumental narcissism, insularity, and psychosis (loss of contact with reality). I almost pity them. It is this psychotic element to their nature that enables them to eradicate millions in order to clear a path for their personal Fabian socialist fantasies to manifest around the globe. They’ve gone wrong.

Some people get upset when I criticize Obama. This never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who thinks he is trying to help is grievously deceiving themselves. Besides, it is clearly not the man I am admonishing (I don’t know him), but rather his abuse of the office of supreme public servant. What should be one of the most highly prized gifts of service – bringing peace, evolution, and fruitfulness to America and the world – is being used to introduce the political ideologies of Empire. This is not acceptable. This is not human. This is not real life.

The best way to inoculate against unreality is to live in reality. The unreal is disharmonious. The real is harmonious. To think and move with integrity, purpose, and conscious growth is to live in energetic harmony. To know in your bones that there is no authority above you is to dissolve the authority of Empire, for yourself and everyone else.

When an individual is living in this way, everything they touch in the external world is changed. Proximity to spiritually enlivened minds accelerates the demise of untrue things and augments the growth of true things. It is a natural radiance that happens all by itself. Like the sun. No need to argue or explain. It just radiates. As the Sufi mystic Inayat Khan once said, “That which you truly are, you never have to claim; others will instinctively know.”

Being magnificently unequal is being naturally human. If we subsist as homogenous units within the collective, we are nothing more than robots that poop. Life is flat and unsatisfying. Only as free individuals can our dreams of excellence become a world. If we do not claim our sovereignty, we hand it over to the fake God-men and it becomes our yoke.

How to end Empire? Be unique, unknowable, sovereign, and excellent. Hold a space for natural truth to abide in your life. Don’t just talk about it, or think about it, or dream about it – BE it. And BE it now.

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