Higher Journeys Radio – The Path To Truth

Neil Kramer talks to Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys Radio. 

We talk about the Transmutation movie, awakening and depth, choosing truth, equity in spiritual adventure, nature as ally, supernatural structures, suffering as purification, the 3D going away, everything is in the voice, spiritual detective skills, power flows into equilibrium.

Alexis writes: “What does it take to bring yourself closer to reality. One that is unfiltered, unfettered, and ready to be fully explored? Neil Kramer, a spiritual philosopher and esotericist joins us again on Higher Journeys to discuss us a film that illustrates what discovering the path of truth really entails. In a documentary that he wrote, narrated and co-produced entitled Transmutation, the elements are in full view as to how any individual walking the face of this earth is invited to discover truth on their own terms, outside of the limits of normal. But only if they so choose. Once chosen what’s discovered will ultimately change not only their view of reality, but reveal what to so many seems stubbornly hidden and out of reach.

Why is it that some individuals have a natural thirst for discovery and others perfectly okay with living a status quo existence? And in this age of revelation why is it that still the masses seem so tethered to their sleep state, even while the truth is beckoning their attention? Neil addresses these questions with his usual eloquence and unmistakable candor.”

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