Cult Of Untruth – Veritas Radio

Neil Kramer joins Mel Fabregas on Veritas Radio to discuss the CULT OF UNTRUTH. Mel writes: “Neil Kramer honors Veritas on the premiere episode of Season 10. Some of the topics discussed: good secret societies, stratification of knowledge, tech giants and social media, taboo subject matters, the anesthesia of the new-age, no opposing voice in […] Read more

Self-Authority In A Polarized Society

open minds

Neil Kramer on Gaia TV. “We can use provocations from Empire as a way to create a state of self-authority where we can rise above the decay and decadence of a polarized society. Neil Kramer returns to explain how mainstream culture is being used as a control mechanism for the masses by increasing the degree of polarization within our society. To understand how this works, we delve into Hermetic thought and explore the Principle of Polarity from the Kybalion. This gives us insight into the force underlying the extremities, enabling us to critically evaluate it and decide for ourselves how to act upon the information we are given.”


Kramer On The Free Zone – Life In The Age Of Horus

Neil Kramer talks to Freeman, host of The Free Zone. Freeman writes: “The false dichotomy of liberal vs. conservative is leading to the Tribulation of ferocious individualism. The Aeon of Horus is defined by Aleister Crowley as, Horus ruling the present period of 2,000 years, beginning in 1904. Everywhere his government is taking root. Observe […] Read more

Kramer On Grimerica

Neil Kramer talks to Darren and Graham, hosts of Grimerica radio show. “Neil Kramer joins us for a fascinating chat about the mainstream control system, aspiring to be better people, the divinity of learning, and the spiritual path. We also chat about polarization, those who don’t really want to know the truth, wise elders who […] Read more

The Myth Of Civilization – Veritas Radio

Neil Kramer talks to Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio, to discuss “The Myth Of Civilization”. Mel writes: “How do we define civilization? The stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. Or is it? Tonight we embark on a journey of enlightenment and truth with Neil Kramer. We discuss the […] Read more

The Reading Lists

Neil Kramer talks to Phil Treagus, host of the The Reading Lists website. Phil writes: “Neil Kramer is a philosopher and esotericist who focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics.  Neil teaches philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies and self development at the Omega Institute in New York.  He explores the relationship between inner development and the cultural […] Read more

Vajra Body Vajra Mind

Neil Kramer talks to Damien Abel and Jed Ward, hosts of the Vajra Body Vajra Mind podcast. The Art Form Of Will & Goodness. Damien writes: “Neil Kramer is a philosopher and esotericist. His work focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics. In this episode, we talk with Neil about what it means to use our […] Read more

The Life Of A Modern Mystic – Omega Interview

Neil Kramer talks to the Omega Institute For Holistic Studies. Omega writes: “British philosopher Neil Kramer says if being a mystic doesn’t feel like fun, you’re doing it wrong.” Omega: What gets you out of bed in the morning? Neil: The mystery. The strangeness and beauty of being human. Spiritually and emotionally, all the different […] Read more

Awakened Hearts Radio

Neil Kramer talks to Rebekah Campbell and Boyd Campbell, hosts of Awakened Hearts Radio. Rebekah writes: “Truthfulness is a spiritual art. It is a discipline that compels personal transformation. Truth destroys the world you used to live in. A widely respected figure in mystical, spiritual, and alternative communities, Neil Kramer guides us on a transformational journey […] Read more

Decoding Imperial Control Words – Veritas Radio

Neil Kramer joins Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio, to discuss “Decoding Imperial Control Words”. Mel writes: “Kramer is back. 1. Decode imperial control words . Has our language been manipulated to cause control? Every word carries energy and energy can be transmuted into action. Could it be that the present vernacular is to enslave […] Read more

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