December 2017

Cult Of Untruth – Veritas Radio

Neil Kramer joins Mel Fabregas on Veritas Radio to discuss the CULT OF UNTRUTH. Mel writes: “Neil Kramer honors Veritas on the premiere episode of Season 10. Some of the topics discussed: good secret societies, stratification of knowledge, tech giants and social media, taboo subject matters, the anesthesia of the new-age, no opposing voice in […] Read more

Self-Authority In A Polarized Society

open minds

Neil Kramer on Gaia TV. “We can use provocations from Empire as a way to create a state of self-authority where we can rise above the decay and decadence of a polarized society. Neil Kramer returns to explain how mainstream culture is being used as a control mechanism for the masses by increasing the degree of polarization within our society. To understand how this works, we delve into Hermetic thought and explore the Principle of Polarity from the Kybalion. This gives us insight into the force underlying the extremities, enabling us to critically evaluate it and decide for ourselves how to act upon the information we are given.”


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