The Power Of Peace

Neil Kramer talks to Regina Meredith to discuss ‘The Power Of Peace’.

Regina writes: “While we continue to tear back the curtain of conspiracy, and dig under the rocks of suppressed information, we are often missing the obvious – how to craft the most beautiful and meaningful life possible. In my conversation with spiritual philosopher, Neil Kramer, we delve into the most basic of subjects – peace and will. What does peace actually mean and what is required to establish it at the core of our lives? What kind of strength does genuine peace bring? With a strong background in Hermetics, Neil shares his wisdom in his typically clear and high overview of what it means to live a substantial and beautiful life.”


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Self-Authority In A Polarized Society

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Neil Kramer on Gaia TV. “We can use provocations from Empire as a way to create a state of self-authority where we can rise above the decay and decadence of a polarized society. Neil Kramer returns to explain how mainstream culture is being used as a control mechanism for the masses by increasing the degree of polarization within our society. To understand how this works, we delve into Hermetic thought and explore the Principle of Polarity from the Kybalion. This gives us insight into the force underlying the extremities, enabling us to critically evaluate it and decide for ourselves how to act upon the information we are given.”


Initiation To A Mystical Life

Neil Kramer on GAIA TV


“A mystical life of initiation and ascension is a lifelong journey with no set destination. This is not a road to tread lightly upon, as the true seeker must be committed to a life of learning with a willingness to look deeply into the profound nature of the universe. Neil Kramer, philosopher and mystic, guides us through the most revolutionary and beautiful adventure of all: choosing a life of conscious evolution. Together, we explore the wisdom, attitude and techniques used to engage with a higher order of being in order to take on your own individualistic growth.”




Discover the beauty and danger of a hidden spiritual path, and meet those who have transformed themselves by walking it.

Transmutation is a bold esoteric film with multiple layers of meaning that rewards repeat viewing for lovers of real-life mysteries. Filmed over three years and five continents, Transmutation explores personal mystical revelation amid the obstacles of mainstream culture. Sharing personal stories of individuals who have gone through profound life changes which have altered them for the better.

The feature documentary explores the rarely-seen intimacies of deeply individualistic mystical experiences of everyday reality. A roving philosopher guides us through the striking forests, coastlines, deserts, and cities of the world, inviting us to embrace the intense mystery of our own existence. Is direct personal encounter with divinity a real thing? What secrets are buried in nature’s deep places? Why has mainstream culture sought to eradicate the awakened human? Is normality really our friend?


Waking Up

Explore the power of the singular path with Neil Kramer, set in motion via the video artistry of James Spike.

Illustrated perspectives on self mastery, freedom, consent, culture, education, and spiritual empowerment.

The Construct

Neil Kramer’s spoken word exposition of “the construct” brought to life by James Spike.

“Neil Kramer writer, philospher and teacher takes us on a journey in his own unique way through what he describes as ‘The Construct’. A matrix of distraction and disinformation which diverts our gaze away from the ‘Organic Signal’ that encompasses us.”

This is a great introduction to what the synthetic reality construct is, how it operates, and how it influences human consciousness. Useful to show to sincere newcomers and a helpful articulation for old timers too. By comprehending the underlying framework of what manufactures ‘the normal world’, we clarify our perceptions, and thus open our minds to a truer way of being.

The Fertile Desert

Short film by Roy Two Thousand, featuring the vocals of Neil Kramer. Witness the unique and striking spectacle of 50,000 people gathering in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Roy writes on his Vimeo page: “The advent of knowing. The lovers and dreamers. The laser connections. These are what bring life out of light while energy dances out of desolate dust. All that is familiar and foreign comes together in who we are and what we want to be… challenging nature and inviting more of ourselves :)”

Film and music by Roy Two Thousand. Vocal samples by Neil Kramer. Pianos by Eric Arvai. Drums by Anthony Maureal. Cellos by Kate Adams.

The Fertile Desert from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

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