Veritas – Who Are God’s People?

Neil Kramer talks to Mel Hostalrich, host of Veritas Radio.



Mel writes, “Our exploration begins with the provocative question, ‘Who are God’s People?’ Neil offers his insights, emphasizing the importance of individual thought and sovereignty. We then examine media manipulation and its impact on public opinion, criticizing mainstream media for prioritizing emotions over truth. Neil emphasizes the need to be a discerning detective when seeking credible information. Our journey also takes us into the spiritual realm, where we explore spiritual judgments and identity in Israel. Neil sheds light on the concept of ‘spiritual Israel,’ where one’s connection with God transcends ancestry. We delve into the diverse ethnic and cultural history of Israel, highlighting its rich heritage and the significance of struggle in shaping its identity.

Our conversation extends to religious pluralism and the relationship between Zionism and modern Israel, challenging conventional notions of a Holy Land. We also delve into the historical and religious aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, emphasizing its complexities and historical context. Neil’s exploration expands to include the concept of black sites, their role in global power dynamics, and their spiritual implications. Our dialogue ranges from political and social issues to historical figures and the transformative impact of travel on one’s perspective. We underscore the paramount importance of truth and balance in our world. Neil encourages discernment, compassion, strength, and a commitment to seeking truth.”

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