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Opaque Lens, host of Shamanic Freedom Radio, talks to Neil Kramer.

Opaque writes: “The main narrative of this part is the difference between being and knowledge. Neil argues that there is a division which has had the alternative researchers falling out with each other and bickering. At one end of the spectrum are the people of being – those who have character, personality, humility and a real fascination with being alive. At the other end are the people of ‘knowledge’ – those who are often self important and cold in their nature whilst coming across as an expert authority not to be questioned. Neil then voices his opinions on a few SFR narratives such as class background, and other taboo subjects such as whether or not you should judge or generalise.”

“This chat is not for the faint hearted, the sanitised, the puffy or the wishy washy. However, real people with a healthy balance of humour and cynicism may find this chat profound and hilarious in places.”

Topics in part 2 include: “Money, especially Bitcoin, which Neil sees in a positive light. This in depth analysis of all things financial ranges from the Buddhist concept of ‘right livelihood’ all the way through to dirty and filthy money, and the evils of credit cards and mortgages. After the conversation moves onto Autodidactic learning, the stupidity of the school indoctrination system, light and shadow, and finally another look at last week’s ‘knowledge and being rap’, how the alternative community is wising up to its divisions, and more.”

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