One Dream, Many Awakenings

Does a God who has conceived and borne intimate witness to all manifestation and life throughout the vast multi-dimensional realms of ineffable splendor – over countless aeons and through infinite iterations of mind-boggling dynamic evolution – really care what individual human beings choose to eat, drink, wear, say or believe? Let alone what they choose to do with their genitals? I would suggest that the answer is no. God doesn’t mind at all. Not even a tiny little bit.

Our peculiar scurryings, dirty habits and immature rituals aren’t of much interest to God. They don’t show up on the celestial radar at all. Not that God doesn’t have the ability to see them of course – he’s just not bothered about tuning into such inconsequential piffle. Perhaps the only thing that would be of tremendous interest to a supreme creator entity, is just how well we are progressing on our own individual spiritual journey. How well are we growing, deepening, purifying and transcending? Are we moving forward? This is worth tuning into. It is in this most profound of human endeavors that we come to know that there are definite principles, disciplines, and bodies of wisdom that help support this sacred trajectory. And this is where we begin to draw out clear distinctions between pure divine wisdom and damaging religious fraudulence.

Holy Mackerel – It’s The Big Picture

Allow me to present a hypothetical reality model, partly based on esoteric spiritual philosophy and partly based on my own contemplations. Also, for the sake of convenience, I will temporarily anthropomorphize God as a male gendered entity. So we’ll call God a ‘he’.

Let us imagine for a moment, that God is conducting a massive freewill experiment. Over the last few trillion years, most of it has gone pretty well. Essentially, he created a separate void of nothingness and totally handed it over to a group of his best freewill endowed entities to do with whatever they wished. He then sat back to see what would happen. Many cool things transpired; whole universes were created, countless manifestations came into being, some expected, some unexpected. Much was perceived and known at a level that wasn’t previously possible from within the omniscience that one has to contend with as a supreme unitary entity. Subsequently, there have been some nice system-wide upgrades and tunings. Unfortunately, in one sector of the universe, there was a giant fractal fuck-up involving complex accidental entitization and a botched engineering job, due to incomplete algorithms. Because they got the foundational design wrong, an enormous chunk of the time-space continuum was manifested imperfectly and things always tended towards entropy. The harmonic and self-sustaining elements were broken. It looked like many of the other divine realms, but it didn’t work like them. Subsequently, all life became a struggle and dark entities flourished, thriving on unconsciousness. God found it fascinating to see just how all this came about. In a sense, it’s been one of the most valuable and instructive parts of the larger freewill experiment. But it still needs sorting out.

Then God had a brilliant idea (he has loads of them). His flash of genius was this. Rather than just wipe-out and reformat the corrupted part of the universe, is it possible that it can be ‘healed’ from within by inserting pure heavenly souls into it – souls who don’t know anything about their origin, and don’t know whether they have freewill or not – but who have the perfect divine algorithm of creation embedded inside them? If their consciousness and multi-dimensional awareness could reach a certain level, the algorithm could be realized and seeded within the entropy and potentially reverse it. The code could be rewritten and life would cease to be a struggle. The error would be corrected.

So here we are. Inserted into the third dimensional earth realm with a basic survival kit of mind, body and spirit – and most importantly of all – equipped with the perfect divine algorithm of creation already inside us. All we have to do is get to it, seed it and share it, and then we can work our way back home, to the seventh dimension (the ‘heaven’ from which we came).

Getting to the divine algorithm inside us is what “remembering who we are” is all about. It is our link with the source, it is our ticket home, our eternal soul connection and it is the thing that differentiates us from some of the other inorganic entities in our universe that don’t have it (though their external technology appears to eclipse this shortcoming). This is why humans are so significant. Every human has the divine algorithm inside them, though levels of awareness and spiritual attunement differ radically as to just how close they are to it. Some people have a distinct sense of the divinity within them, others haven’t got a bloody clue. The feel of the algorithm, the sensation of activating its extraordinary enumeration, is what Hindu spiritual philosophers call kundalini. It lies within every human as a dormant potential, though activation is rare.

All this is a long way from the hollow fable of the ill-tempered God who demands we follow his rulebook to have even the slightest chance of a pleasant afterlife. The embedded ideas of sin, submission and redemption don’t fit at all. Personally speaking, I’ve always felt that any God who is totally externalized, who is wrathful, vengeful and jealous, who requires us to wear certain clothes, observe special rituals, avoid particular foods and who thinks it’s a good idea that we fear him – is no God that I would acknowledge. Any such entities, however much fire and brimstone they can conjure, are in actuality, just the cheeky bunch of alien chancers that Von Daniken and Sitchin have theorized about. Whether these impostors showed up to enlist our labor, mess around with our DNA (to get to the algorithm?) or use our consciousness as a form of fuel – they ain’t Gods. They are off-world, miracle-wielding bullshitters.

Lawless Responsibility

Naturally, there are some obvious guidelines for all right-minded people regarding the rudiments of civil behavior: don’t do unpleasant things to people, don’t steal stuff, don’t lie – and having a messy consciousness, a closed heart and an underutilized intellect won’t help much either. We all know this. Only people who are in a lot of inner pain (emotional/psychic) go around behaving destructively. Neutralizing inner pain automatically results in a cleaner, higher quality of consciousness and good conduct naturally flows from that. Be cool, be authentic. Act with composure and integrity and you won’t go far wrong. Just by resonating one’s own authenticity, the human mind sooner or later gravitates to the spiritual path, which is the only real deal here and the only thing that God is really interested in. There are no laws, there is only ultimate personal responsibility.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354– 430AD) said “Love, and do what thou wilt.” An old pagan proverb also echoed this in saying, “An ye harm none, do what thou wilt”, which oddly enough, found its way into the dubious hands of English occultist Aleister Crowley who stated “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. This might seem a little too open-ended for many, perhaps even an invitation to hedonism, but the idea is that it makes you contemplate a reality where there are no laws except love and freewill. What would occur? Total freedom, or total chaos? Good or bad? Depends on the quality of consciousness. Hassan I Sabbah’s “nothing is true, everything is permitted” (most likely a corruption of a Shi’a sect’s axiom, “nothing is forbidden (haram), everything is clean (halal)”) makes a similar provocative point. None of these representative shouts for individual freedom mean that we can do whatever the hell we like with no consequences. Not at all. Rather, they lead us to the idea that if there are no absolute laws that require our unquestioning submission, then the responsibility for our conduct lies solely with ourselves. Indeed, perhaps it is far more perilous to renounce our sovereign sense of integral spiritual behavior and supplant it with someone else’s arbitrary ruleset.

One of the biggest challenges that faces genuine and earnest adherents of the main Abrahamic religious groups – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – is the near total absence of any knowledge or appreciation for the arcane rituals, potent symbols and occult transmutations that they participate in every day. Do millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims know the real meaning of these things? Or do they just know what they’ve been told they mean? Is it worth finding out for oneself?

The presence of organized religion in everyday life is massively more prevalent in America than it is in Britain. Britain is now largely a secular nation (which creates another set of difficulties), whereas in America, religion is still highly influential in the government, business and the media – with a far higher percentage of the population identifying themselves as active, church-going worshippers. Innumerable Christian groups and subgroups enact their cosmologies and ceremonies week in and week out, with no transparency or knowledge as to their actual origins. This is the same for Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Adventist, Mormon, Puritan, Quaker, Amish etc. Few souls who offer up their sovereign consciousness to these systems know anything about the inner alchemy, the reality-shifting power of sacred geometry or the esoteric roots of the magickal operations that they are participating in. There is a common and deadly misconception that it’s all harmless. The mystical origins don’t really matter because we are here to give worship to God and Jesus. If the intent is good, then it’s all OK right? Wrong. It’s not alright. Conscious participation is consent. Consenting to empower unknown magickal rituals, however ignorant one may claim to be of this collusion, is at best, a sure fire way to remain in the pitch black of universal disconnection, far from God, mired in a world of delusional men.

As soon as a religious system prescribes a set of behavioral rules and codifies them into laws which must be observed lest you be shunned, excommunicated or celestially severed from your friends and family – then this system begins to dislodge itself from the divine unified equation. Indeed, it is safe to assume that the creator will take a very dim view of anyone, anywhere who engages in the weaponization of love, fear, sexuality and freedom-of-expression for their own ends. Imagining that you are special, that your ritual initiation places you on a different level, that people who don’t belong to your religious system are somehow flawed, unclean or lost…? There is no room for sanctimonious conceit on the 7D path. No room at all. Such dark things are super-low vibrations that represent a grave disavowal of one’s authentic path and completely block the inner channel for unconditional love and divine truth.

What is true does not need defending. What is real is not vulnerable. Every human knows this to be true in their hearts, however much they’ve been conditioned, indoctrinated or asked not to think about it too much. There is a tacit agreement in many religions to not think about theological matters too deeply, and certainly not outside the agreed-upon canonical documents. It is implied that it’s better and easier to just do what you’re told. This should always set alarm bells ringing.

Purification Not Prohibition

The spiritual path is always and only a personal journey. It requires a purification of consciousness that actively positions self as a vessel for field connection with divine consciousness; tuning into what is true. You can’t do this very well if you’re constantly escaping into a world of discursive thinking, distraction and sensation. Being full of booze, chemicals and junk food doesn’t help matters either. Not that they’re unlawful or wrong – they’re just unhelpful. Having sloppy conduct, treating people badly, sleeping around, choosing to avoid growth and handing over spiritual responsibility to someone else are also massive obstacles to spiritual realization. They serve only to bury the divine algorithm in ever greater concealments and fabrications. This is the real origin of many of the religious laws that prohibit alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, unrestrained sexuality, trash entertainment, certain foods etc. The divine source doesn’t forbid anything. It is the initiates of the esoteric origins of these religious systems who understood that these things, when engaged in heedlessly, are enormous barriers to spiritual comprehension. They are not wicked – they just obstruct the flow of consciousness and severely inhibit any chances of a clear spiritual connection. This is why it’s a good idea to conscientiously moderate or abstain from these things. That is, if one’s business is getting to the divine algorithm and returning to the seventh dimension.

No guru, mystic, priest, bishop, master or shaman can reveal your path to you. If such teachers are operating from a place of authenticity, they can share aspects of their path that might prove useful for yours, but it requires a sort of two-way spiritual transliteration to be of solid value. If, however, they are operating from an inauthentic place, they may claim to be able to reveal your path, but however tempting it might be to imagine that all the hard work can be done by someone else – it simply isn’t true and it doesn’t work. It’s easy to tell the difference. Only someone who is actually walking their path can truly speak of it and this implacable truth will always recognize the sacredness of everyone else’s unique path.

The human spiritual adventure should not be denied to anyone. If any religious system ever deters its followers from exploring their own inner truth, from studying widely, asking questions or re-writing the rulebook, then it is protecting itself from exposure. It is defending something. What is true does not need defending. It is incumbent on all students of spiritual truth, to reflect upon words of universal wisdom that resonate insight, empowerment and divine contact – regardless of their origin, who speaks them, however challenging they may seem, or whether or not they fit into a prescribed religious belief system. The hidden esoteric layers of the Abrahamic religions, purposefully placed out of reach of the public exoteric shell, were originally veiled to protect the knowledge itself – both from misuse and erasure from domineering empires. In these enigmatic and revelatory days of planet-wide transformation, this is about to change. The old hierarchies are in for some big surprises. Whether these are interpreted as upgrades or threats is up to them. The best way to anticipate change is to become the change. Embrace it. Take risks. Be authentic.

It is wonderfully encouraging to see what happens when we take risks to walk our own path. When we stick our necks out and go for what we know, the universe acknowledges and supports this. It can feel our presence. It can feel the divine algorithm inside us and naturally lends its momentum to us with the purpose of mutual healing. We heal it, it heals us. The universe often uses eloquent synchronicity to smooth the path and it is when this takes the shape of actual live, flesh & blood people, that this becomes particularly amazing. When very special parallel resonances line up, people can actually help each other on their paths. The intelligent coherent universe knows this and will place such people at key intersecting junctures so they can meet, share gnosis, support and inspire each other. The extraordinary relevance and specificity of these encounters is always a signature of this universal dynamic. It is most heartening.

There is only one dream, but many awakenings within it. Seven billion paths. One for each of us. Whilst we are enmeshed in the hard light of mortality, each path leads nowhere. They are pathless paths and all without destination, by design. What counts is the freewill choice to walk our path – to be our authentic spiritual self – to acknowledge our divine uniqueness and see our own conscious life as the instrument for transformation and knowing. This is the gateway to remembering what we are and what is inside us.

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