Becoming intellectually, emotionally and spiritually independent is an act of power that instantly and irrevocably detaches one’s consciousness from channeling the unreality broadcast of the construct. It is a natural, beautiful and easy thing to do.

So what stops so many intelligent people from doing it? There are many answers, but one that quickly rises to the surface is fear of material lack.

The need to pay the bills can keep people in a loop of self-limitation and psychic compromise. Even those apparently lucky few for whom money ceases to be a hindrance, often descend into whirlpools of egotism, self-destruction and bizarreness. If someone’s consciousness is lo-fi, wounded and cluttered – whatever they do will follow this pattern, with or without money.

Desires Into Flesh

So what if material lack was removed from the equation? If you could materialize any object into your hands at will, from a perfect juicy clementine, to a crisp $100 bill, the pursuit of material security and comfort would quickly decline. You could ‘image’ whatever house, car, bank balance and objects you wanted, no questions asked. It would be the things that are not material that would become most significant: the quality of your experiences; the depth of your consciousness; your relationships with people; insight, generosity, conduct, healing, creativity, love, humor, transformation. The grace and integrity of your movement through life would be the only things that mattered. Now imagine that not only you, but everyone could do this same materialization trick. Anyone could conjure up anything they wanted, anytime, over and over. What would happen if this became an actual reality right now? Absolute chaos. Supreme weird darkness.

The psychotic state of the collective human psyche, the toxic cultural paradigms into which we have been conditioned and the billions of wounded minds that roam the planet in total ignorant confusion would summon up such manner of demons, deviance and destruction as the universe has never seen. For this reason, no human entity can be endowed with this gift until they are ready for it. Until individual channels of consciousness are disciplined, clear, balanced, authentic and spiritually attuned, we have to go the long way round.

We do materialize what we want (or perhaps, more accurately, what we need), albeit within the slow, temporal cause-and-effect mechanisms of the 3D earth realm. A thought might take ten minutes or thirty years to come into physical manifestation. Usually, the more we understand the wider ramifications and lateral effects of a thought, the quicker it will appear in the physical realm. Part of this process also involves learning to appreciate that if we do not manifest from our own higher-imagination, the default setting is to channel the programming of the construct; to bring its desires into flesh and not our own.

Perhaps then, we could say that any activity, concept or knowledge that does not promote the purification and deepening of consciousness, is ultimately a diversion from the path. They might even seem like a complete waste of time, though technically, even wastes of time yield subtle lessons. So it’s more a question of speed of progress, than polarized judgments of useless or useful. The game is a spiritual game played out over many long timelines, each of which we run in parallel. Of course, it isn’t really anything to do with materializing stuff into one’s life. The game is aimed at understanding the meaning and movement of one’s own consciousness and how it interacts with the wider universe. We transmute our energy from an idea that we are creating reality, into a faith that we are, and then, a knowing.

Seeing Relevance

I am often asked how I personally approach the extraordinary torrent of esoteric information out there. What is legit? What is meaningful? What is worth spending our precious time on? Just what are we to do with the millions of pages of research on ET’s, stargates, hidden technology, occult knowledge, black ops, false flags, revisionist history, endtimes scenarios, religion, yoga, meditation, shamanism, nutrition, metaphysics and all such absorbing areas of study?

The principle for me is relevance. How relevant is a thing to oneself, at this time. Regardless of veracity, excitement, gravity or consensus opinion – how precisely relevant is it to my unique path, in this moment? I often pass new material through a few simple filters to help assess it for myself. This technique has proven highly functional in evaluating and selecting from the cascade of esoteric informational streams.

Charge. Do you feel charged or depleted after absorbing new material? If it gives energy, it is relevant at this time. If it takes energy away, it is not relevant at this time. Our energy configuration naturally attunes itself to a certain complementary array of shapes and frequencies that will either magnetize or repel incoming vectors. We open, close, attract and repulse in different ways as our consciousness deepens. It is an ever-changing energy configuration. The clearer our channel of consciousness (attunement to spirit), the more fluidly the energy configuration flows, adapts and transforms. The reverse is also true.

Respect. Is the information respectfully and conscientiously shared with due consideration to a broad range of outlooks and levels of awareness. Anyone who has achieved a basic level of intellectual maturity and spiritual attunement will not let loose with something that will unduly shock a diverse, unknown and potentially unprepared audience. This is a matter of wisdom. Only the ego seeks to impress, alarm or rattle an audience. It is a sloppy, self-amplifying route. Spirit seeks to empower, tool-up and invigorate. It is a disciplined, universal route.

Drama. Some researchers, teachers and gurus like to surround themselves with drama. They encourage it, feed off of it and even sometimes fabricate it themselves, invoking gratuitous tones of jeopardy, secrecy or disclosure. Just like sexing up a movie trailer to hook the audience. In esoteric study this is poor form. It has more to do with the researcher’s own egoic insecurities, rather than the information itself, which rarely requires any drama to properly disseminate. Emptiness loves drama. Where drama is suspected as fabrication, one must carefully isolate it from the information itself and diligently examine what remains.

So What. This incisive filter can be applied to most subjects, from minor intrigues to humongous paradigm-cracking revelations. It works like this: assess the material, establish the punch-line and add ‘so what?’ to the end of it. ET’s are here. So what? The World Trade Center was not destroyed by hijacked planes. So what? The moon is not what we think it is. So what? We live many lives and go back to the divine source at the end of the cycle. So what? In a quasi-irreverent fashion, ‘so what’ powerfully diffuses hype and helps to get to what really matters as we consider the actual answer and signficance on a personal level.

Gut. Does it feel right? Does it resonate meaning without the need for too much brain churn? If it feels right and resonates clearly – it is most likely solid. Intuitive faculties like this become more reliable the more they are exercised and tested in the field. Over time, gut instinct reveals itself to be quite a magickal seeing, rather than merely educated guesswork. We just have to learn how to remove the noise of self from this natural impulse so it can become a dependable tool.

There are no hard and fast rules. These are fluid filters, moveable and adaptable. Contemplate their effectiveness, experiment with them, customize them. The bottom line is that in assessing new esoteric material through filtering against logic, spirit, psychology, emotion and instinct – we can take certain material into our hands and go with it, and more readily place other stuff to one side and maybe come back to it later.

No-one can tell you how relevant something is, except yourself. By the same token, just because you don’t give a hoot about cryptozoology, doesn’t mean that it isn’t highly relevant and important to someone else. It is unwise and unnecessary to denigrate any subject based solely on one’s own subjective focus on it. Just because I am studying German romantic landscape painting, doesn’t mean that the guy studying abstract expressionism is wasting his time. Everyone has their own focus for their own path. Leave ‘em to it. Relevance, not realness.

Nodes Of Light

Deciding to focus one’s energies onto what is personally relevant can appear somewhat selfish to some people. This is understandable if one is habituated to the proscribed definition of selfishness, that is, being concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others. However, if we insert the concept of a supremely coherent and interconnected universe, one in which all consciousness is intimately bound together – the idea of acting with disregard for others rapidly loses meaning. As we are not separate, we cannot restrict our learning to our selves, even if we wanted to. Thus, when we learn, we teach; when we teach, we learn. With or without communication, clarifying one’s own consciousness positively uplifts, harmonizes and encourages everything and everybody we come into contact with. When I am in the room with someone who has a beautiful quality of consciousness, regardless of their intellect, education or background – it just feels good.

We choose what we become responsible for. Initially, we are only ever responsible for ourselves. If we choose to bring children into the world, to have a family, then this responsibility broadens. We become responsible for other life-forms too. Until they are sufficiently mature, perhaps a 20-30 year process, this responsibility is a serious undertaking. Enormous energy is required and the bandwidth available for focus on self significantly shifts. Nearly every mother or father I have ever spoken to about this, states that they underestimated just quite how dramatically this focal dynamic changes. Nevertheless, one of the hidden joys in being a parent is the stunning lessons in egoic and spiritual identity that this shift brings. I am not a parent myself, but have intimately observed this in the lives of friends. For the keen paternal/maternal mind, after initially feeling that self and identity are in danger of dissolving altogether in the wake of their ultra-demanding progeny, the realization eventually dawns that self and identity weren’t really there in the first place. Whatever does dissolve, was an artificial construct all along. Spirit cannot dissolve. 30 years is the blink of any eye. No time. Perhaps conscious parenthood represents a spectacular and compassionate commitment to explore this principle of spiritual identity within the undeniable sacredness of felt experience. Extremely empowering.

Regardless of how we focus our responsibility, we are compelled to acknowledge the need for material provision in our lives. Otherwise, quite simply, we fall over dead. Many spiritual systems observe that the higher energies of the universe (whether translated as God, higher self, spirit, atman, divine ascendance, magick, the nagual etc) provide abundantly for individuals who are tuned into its signal. A lot of brain churn and psychic noise has to be removed before we can feel it however. One has to create the space to receive the signal. Sometimes, it’s when we stand at the very precipice of physical/material security that the space naturally establishes itself. In this sense, the homeless guy on the street has a higher chance of tuning in than the Wall Street investment banker. The line attributed to Jesus which says: “…I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,” is really stating that being wrapped up in the world of form, toil and feathering one’s nest can make it especially difficult to attain spiritual attunement.

It is true that the open conspiracy to suppress free-energy technology keeps us endlessly messing about with money, oil and violence. The private sequestering of earth’s resources and higher technology certainly keeps the human termite mound scurrying around, allowing precious little time for the real ascendant journey. The control system really would be bollocksed if we didn’t need to slave within its industrial machinery. No lack. No dependence. As material resources, technology, education, spirituality, freedom and creativity began to globally flourish once more, the population explosion would begin to correct itself and within a few centuries, humanity would be back on track, self-sustaining, conscious and harmonic.

It seems that the story must play itself out and the curtain will fall in its own time on this divine surrealist theatre. There is something very important to learn from it. For the moment, we are compelled to be astute matrix avatars, and that is the whole point of being here right now – to observe the projected shadow and it’s absurd control systems and constructs, and do our bit to dissolve it. In parallel, we can also treat this as an assault course; a unique opportunity to hone our spiritual vessel as we move through the rigors of this terrain. After all, if you can survive and thrive on earth in the 21st century – you can do just about anything.

Even in consideration of the above, many millions of people still live in a world where they can create free time, access an extraordinary amount of knowledge and choose what to do with their own minds. So perhaps today we don’t quite need to go to the lengths of living the ascetic monk vibe. We don’t need to go around in intentional poverty to create the space to receive the signal. By stilling the mind and reducing the noise of self, we create the space necessary to receive the signal. We field-uplink naturally. In merging local mind with universal mind, the manifestation of our imagination quickens. When we are on the path, growing, learning and clarifying our channel of consciousness, we can smooth the path in front of us. Synchronicities become perceptible to encourage us that we are operating multi-dimensionally, both physically and in spirit. We gain the subtle sense that the universe can see us. We re-integrate the projected shadow by owning it wholly and move one step closer to materializing that juicy clementine into our hands.

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