The Deep Joy Of De-Normalizing

The seasonal shifting of energetic densities is underway, naturally enfolding the customary provinces of our temporal 3D experience, affecting us with increasing depth as each day passes. The solar wind permeates every particle of our being… cleansing, destroying, resurrecting. The hidden and the untold have reached their terminus.

We are now in a phase where ignorance of one’s own inner knowing no longer provides exemption from engaging with dharma – one’s authentic path. There is no place for being unaware of what we know we should be doing. Ignorance of this principle is no defense against contravening it. Ignorantia juris non excusat.

The organic light of knowing can almost be unremembered by adorning oneself with the culpable phosphorescence of the construct, that is, its deliciously smooth images, plastics and metals, luxuriously bent into sensual curves that usurp the human form itself. Proximity to media-saturated artefacts channels away the psychic core of the dupes, the marks and all the spaghetti of biological human cabling, until nothing remains but despiritualized zombie corpses. And still, the humans are loved from a distance; though admittedly, this now stretches into light years of disengagement, where the source and the object cannot be spoken of in the same breath. Deliverance is a delicate thing.

Bearing The Psychic Cilice

It is from the loneliness that arises out of lost innocence, when the human soul has drifted far from meaning, that we first see the abandonment of the magickal.

You can see it in people’s faces. They settle for that which they know to be deficient and unfulfilling. The rationale is that some contact is better than no contact. This is particularly prevalent in intimate relationships. When humans are fundamentally disconnected from themselves and each other, they are vulnerable to the insidious gravitational pull of the mainstream cultural paradigm. They get all normal.

At the primary level, those who choose not to be the architect of their own consciousness, and therefore disclaim their own daily existence, are anchoring the density of the construct with every recycled meme that passes their lips and every electro-chemical notion that fires across their frontal lobe. They are hungry pacman ghosts roaming the sepulchral corridors of unreality, forever repeating the same corrosive patterns, unable to satiate themselves on any level. The virus of renunciation consumes its own host.

The only way to offset the muted but incessant background pain derived from this way of living, is to embrace normality. To watch TV and resonate along with its frequency of ordinariness and indifference. To consume. To buy fake products, fake food, fake music. To wear cheap clothes and running shoes that are derived directly from the blood of economic slaves. This is a karmic declaration. And should the inner self spontaneously break through and find its voice amid this toxicity, then with the utmost urgency, the mind must be plunged into the low-resonance, high-density media swamp. When the mind sucks in vulgarity, regression and ignoble deeds, the psychological pain momentarily subsides as the spirit retreats far from the centre of our being.

For those who walk the path – normality is fake, it does not exist. For construct dwellers, the roots of normalcy do not emerge from any particular socio-economic class. It is spread equally across all demographic classifications of A, B, C1, C2, D and E social grades (this is the UK mapping). Normals, as we might call them, are in fact characterized largely by their negative aspect, by what they do not do. For example, normals create little or nothing. True innovation, spontaneity, risk taking and courage are barely perceptible in the course of their lives. They demonstrate the appalling trait of obviousness in most thoughts and deeds. They tend not to question the authoritative hierarchies that control their lives. They certainly prefer not to discuss matters of substance. Contemplations on the mysterious nature of existence within the astonishing elegance of the universe is unthinkable. They’re just not into any of that stuff. It’s not perceived as a worthwhile or rewarding activity, as it does not advantage them within the mainstream paradigm. What is to be had from being contemplative or philosophical? There is no commercial value and such things bring only existential unrest. So they avoid it. Disown it. Replace it. Fear it. Whatever. Watch television.

This Is The Happy House, We’re Happy Here

People generally want to feel happiness in their day to day lives. Yet what is this elusive state that arises and vanishes with such apparent capriciousness? It is a simple thing. Happiness is a frequency attached to dharmic function. It arises when spirit is aligned – when there is authentic being, gnosis, true creative expression and expansion of awareness. It is the spontaneous acknowledgement of conscious presence. I am here and everything is OK. That is the open gladness that dissolves all illusory negativity in an instant. It is free and is not dependent on anyone or anything. It can come amid great solemnity, pandemonium, even misery, and just as easily it may surface in the middle of philosophy, creativity, intimacy and play.

Making happiness a destination in itself is a mark of deep unconsciousness; a sign that life is off course. Indeed those who pursue happiness as a hunter pursues his prey, are running headlong into the yawning jaws of the Control System. It loves those unfortunate souls who are obsessed with experiencing pleasure, relief, diversion, recreation and release – fumbling about in the gloom for gratification, self worth and warped expression of self. This decadent impulse moves the divine soul further and further away from its spiritual destiny with every self-centred sensation that is conjured.

The Control System is well aware of this, and so it treats happiness as a narcotic; sequestering it, dealing it, cutting it and distributing analogs of it, for a small fee, through the screen. The
television/screen/internet/mediaplex is offered as an antidote to the impossibly tiresome quest for real inner happiness. Instead, the suggestion is put forth that you can become contented by having a beautiful car, shiny hair, wholewheat cereal and pay-on-demand movies. This is what will dispel your sadness.

Television is anti-human. Its message is clear: “Do not create for yourself. Manifest only official constructs.”

Voluntary relinquishment of one’s own holographic imaginal palette is an extraordinary disavowal of the divine human ability to create reality. It is a deep necrotic sickness of the soul. Incredibly, many people sense this on a subtle level and yet they still go along with it because they lack the psychic or emotional knowhow to take matters into their own hands. It’s too hard to resist the pull of sensual engagement. To act from genuine selfhood and sovereignty takes discipline.

It is absurd for any sentient being to believe that they can be informed, educated or entertained by the screens and pages of the construct. Is there anything of value there? Crumbs fall from the table, occasionally – but they’re eclipsed by the constant torrent of normality that pours into the third eye.

Society’s role models – stars, celebrities and media avatars – are so deeply infused with the synthetic accoutrements of compliance, that they operate as strategic resonance amplifiers, loyal Control System agents committed to disseminating the uncreative cultural Trojan horse. The meme spreads: unconscious consumption displaces the human impulse for creation.

The screen of normality broadcasts the vulgar static of the old ways in an attempt to diminish the delicate harmonics of the unfolding shift. It is irrelevant what is on the screen. Whether it is a butterfly alighting on a pure white petal, or a skull being crushed underfoot, it is the emanation of unthinking submission. In this way, the seemingly passive activity of watching television is a tacit agreement to swallow that which is counterfeit. It propagates the myth that that there is an external world separate from us; that all the traditions, monarchies, constitutions, histories and democracies are valuable and somehow central to the collective human narrative. They are not. These things have already withered away. This is the new vibration. The universe is subjective. Only subjective. Only experiential. Matter, data, knowledge, even the words themselves are becoming less dense. Necessarily emptier. It’s not the words that are spoken, it’s how they are delivered. Intent, tonality, resonance, emotion, focus.

Defiantly Elegant & Impetuously Creative

Human culture is asymmetrical. Mainstream culture is symmetrical. This is how we can tell the difference between what is real and what is unreal. What is manifested through unique evolutionary loving intent and what is not. What is magick and what is not.

Symmetry is necessary for mass production and prefabrication. It can also be utilized as a framework for separation; for holding negative resonance, as in Control System street geometry and Masonic architecture. The absence of right angles in nature encompasses a wider teaching that questions the wisdom of man’s insistent propagation of boxes, squares and rectangles in the 3D earth realm.

The angular distortions of restrictive geometry can be formulated to confine a specific movement of energy. At extremes, it can contract energy to such a degree that it becomes stuck and forms a negative singularity, a subtle energetic black-hole that begins to compromise the evolutionary trajectory of the whole system. This is what all illnesses derive from: ‘stuckness’ and contraction of energy. To release stuck energy patterns, one needs to open the shape, re-wire the circuit so the system remains open. Energy can flow inward and outward.

This is the pattern of nature. In the unhindered natural expression of earth, there is only curve. Even the hardest, sharpest angles are all vector points along a smooth curve. There is only curve. Only flow. Even in the deepest stillness, when motionless beside a tranquil lake, there is a deep harmonic throb. The graceful pulse of supremely elegant planet Earth.

The conscious solar wind blows through us. There is no hiding, no possibility of concealment. Clinging to the old, leads to falling. Acknowledging the new, leads to ascension. All perfectly natural. All is as it should be. The evolution of the galaxy proceeds no matter what. The trick is to know that we are not simply galactic inhabitants – we are the unfoldment itself. We are it. There is no separation. We switch from being objects to being the thing in itself. We join a myriad other intelligences and conscious vibrations to create what we choose. Zooming out, we perceive that indeed we are the transdimensional object of all existence.

It is only the needless magnification of self that brings the polarity of being zoomed-in; the perpetually regressive pickle of seeing only that which lies under one’s own nose.

The ego fears loss of self, because it believes self is essential for survival. Not so. There is absolutely no loss of consciousness in dissolving the boundaries of self. Identity can, if one so wishes, remain perfectly intact, pristine and whole. That is, if one would wish to carry that energetic weight any further along the journey, rather than depositing it respectfully in the galactic record for future public reference.

It is a peculiarly human trait to imagine that dissolution means loss; that giving away means losing. Quite the reverse. By removing the boundary markers, by opening the energetic portals, the sublime unity of consciousness can be allowed to flow inwards and outwards. We become what we were, what we really are. Ironically, it is in connecting with the totality that we regain our real distinctiveness. We begin to conceive of the fact that we do not require a self to anchor experience. We do not need to exist only in one place at one time. When the temporality of the 3D is cast aside, having beautifully served its purpose as a phenomenal teaching device (in every sense of the word), then a beautiful wholeness of being can finally unfold, no longer polarized, no longer pulled away from the perfect centre. For it is here, at this point of pure equilibrium, that we divinely dwell.


Cilice –

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