From Britain To Brazil

Since the end of World War II, the United Kingdom has steadily and perceptibly regressed into a psychotic quagmire of officialdom. This has been implemented according to an explicit strategy to remove the personal privacy, self empowerment and spiritual alignment from the people of Britain.

The current subjects of the German Dynastic elites known as The House Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha (renamed The Windsors in 1917 for public relations reasons), are seeing a rapid regression to the in-your-face serfdom that was previously believed to have been consigned to the dark days of the 17th century. Or so it would seem.

Terry Gilliam’s 1985 dystopian fantasy film Brazil satirized the debilitating apparatus of bureaucracy and how it completely dehumanizes the free thinking individual whilst being firmly supported by a zombified populous who absorb and repeat its disempowering memes without question. If you’re not familiar with Britain’s particularly exasperating brand of totalitarianism, watch Brazil (The Directors Cut) for a crash course in pen-pushing authoritarian squalor. The film vividly illustrates Gilliam’s own frustrations on a personal creative level (regarding the increasingly corporatized movie industry), whilst succeeding in portraying the cold-blooded machinations of an oppressive regime that has finally thrown off the tiresome camouflage of democracy.

The Camera Loves You

Welcome to Britain in 2010. The passive acceptance of a colossal integrated surveillance system (that tracks all core aspects of human identification, behavioural patterns and travel) has created a paradigm where the unspeakable equation of surveillance=safety becomes the default reality gravitation for most people. This is constantly underpinned by mass media acquiescence to government propaganda. TV commercials are morbidly graphic in their insistence on human compliance with these anti-human diktats. Every day the screen shows cars being crushed if you don’t pay your tax, children being killed in slow motion car accidents, families choking to death in house fires and numerous terrible penalizations for not paying the fees, charges and levies that derive from every conceivable human activity. These financial burdens are too much for many young couples, single parents families, low-paid workers and senior citizens. They are sinking.

The modest island of Britain has been deliberately overpopulated with a combination of the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Western Europe and insensitive immigration policies that create poverty and ethnically specific ghettos that leave everyone dissatisfied. More than 70 million people are crammed within Britain’s shores and it is, therefore, the perfect experimental platform for an infrastructure that is earmarked for global deployment. Nowhere in the world will you encounter more surveillance and enforcement cameras than in the green and pleasant land of Britain. Whether on foot or in the car, in the country or in the city, cameras track individual human movement. On some motorways, driving beneath a particular camera array will see your licence plate automatically run against a criminal database and will measure your average speed over a given distance, automatically triggering the delivery of a sensationally alarming County Court Summons to your door if you fall outside the tolerance parameters.

How did it get this ridiculous? Why do so many fine British citizens put up with this fascist nonsense? There are two key factors to consider – the symptom and the cause. The manifest symptoms vary depending on what aspect of the system one analyzes, in this case it is the so called Surveillance Society. The cause is always the same. The symptom is a 3D material contrivance that can be plainly identified. The cause derives from a 4D higher movement of energy that goes to the very heart of the matter.

Surveillance Symptoms – Scope Creep

Scope creep occurs when the primary scope of a project (initially defined to meet a seemingly achievable and logical objective) changes. Often, there is a degree of obfuscation on the part of the administrators to accommodate this, with a corresponding re-calculation of resources, metrics and motivations. Wikipedia states that “this phenomenon can occur when the scope of a project is not properly defined, documented, or controlled. It is generally considered a negative occurrence that is to be avoided.”

Let’s take an example. Speed cameras are introduced to reduce the incidence of motorists killing themselves and/or pedestrians. A speeding motorist is fined £60 and the driving licence endorsed with 3 points (12 gets a one year ban). Later, when it becomes evident that the initial research was inadequate and the assessment period provided negative results, i.e. speed cameras do not have an overall beneficial effect on safety, then scope creeps occurs to facilitate new criteria in an effort to assuage the concerns of officials and investors who fear their investment will yield no return. More cameras are introduced. Budgets and timescales over-run. Millions of pounds are wasted. For megaprojects that relate to public necessities (such as health, policing, utilities etc), the consumer is always obliged to pay for this in the form of higher bills and/or taxes.

Scope creep within the Control System is always intentional. It is meticulously orchestrated to give the appearance of a blunder or an oversight, whereas in actuality, it is a quite premeditated subterfuge to either (a) extract more money from the populous, or (b) implement something that would not normally be accepted at face value. In the latter case, this forms part of the systemic Hegelian Dialectic con (problem-reaction-solution) that gets pulled on the uninformed individual day after day.

The surveillance infrastructure in Britain is not designed to keep humans safe, it is designed to keep them compliant. The inferred message behind the propaganda is clear: you can’t get away with anything, so behave yourself and do as we tell you.

Root – Disavowal Of The Shadow

Disavowal of the shadow occurs when we perceive our own inauthentic actions and continue to do nothing about them. This is exasperated by surrender to the dominion of the ego, me-centric thinking and self-absorbed pleasure hunting or escape.

This principle is vital to the conscious evolutionary shift that is required to overturn the old hierarchy.

The core teaching is simple: we are the shadow. Each and every polarized negative entity that manifests in this world is our responsibility, our creation. The immutable flow from mind to matter, from consciousness to creation, does not allow us to disregard a given challenge. We cannot just let things go unresolved, try as we might. Negative energy patterns – destructive impulses concealed in dysfunction, fear and pain – cannot simply be abandoned. They must be faced and understood in order for their patterning to dissolve.

Ignoring a negative energy pattern ensures that it will return again and again. Each time it does, it gains density, it becomes harder and harder to reject, until finally it emerges as an inescapable crisis. A single ignored negative emotional impulse may turn into a mild apathy in a relationship, which turns into discontent, which becomes dysfunction, finally resulting in separation and anguish. This may occur over and over, until that incipient emotion is fully comprehended.

Short-circuit the escalation routine. Face the first negative impulse head on – as soon as it’s identified. Whether it is embedded in one’s psyche, intellect, sexuality, memory, dreams or wherever – face it and trace it to the root. When the energy dynamic and its associated emotional patterning is understood, it will never return.

The Gift Of The Poisoned Chalice

The extraordinary negative polarity that is mapped by the Control System ceaselessly drags at the weakened human mind, discouraging it from the natural joy of ascendancy. They want you to watch NCIS instead of devoting yourself to the deep and harmonious flow of the sacred path.

So once more, we observe the poisoned chalice of the Control System, casting its tedious shadow over more and more human consciousness until pitch black ignorance is accomplished. At the physical level, we see this as overt fascism. At the extra-dimensional level, we see individual units of human consciousness serving as plankton for larger predators. At the spiritual level, we see inertia. It’s an old dusty tale and one that has been told cyclically for millennia. Cameron and Obama are just the contemporary aberrations that momentarily puke forth its political bile to order. They have absolutely nothing to offer, other than ornately mapping the negative polarity of the physical conscious plane. They show us how bad we can be; how neglecting our own spirit conjures these demons into being. Thank you for that gentlemen. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Demon Cameron gave a speech on Monday 7th June 2010 at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, where he warned that Britain’s “whole way of life” would be disrupted for years as painful measures to cut public spending would be introduced. Specifically, pay, pensions and benefits would suffer. In other words, the reason people bother to work at all – to earn money – will become even more constrained. The problem is, that this ludicrous political battle cry of “it’s time to tighten our belts for the good of the nation” doesn’t work anymore. Firstly, because there is no nation to speak of. Britain is now technically a unit within the emerging European Superstate, following the obscenely undemocratic Lisbon Treaty which neuters the last vestiges of Britain’s self-governance. Secondly, because no-one with more than two brain cells firing actually supports the political process anymore. It is quite simply absurd. The reason people still choose to engage with it is because they’re not sure what else to do. What are the alternatives? What exactly can be done?

There are multiple levels with multiple answers, all of them simple, powerful and rewarding. We shall look at just a few. Each answer also has the simultaneous effect of (i) empowering the individual and strengthening the immediate community, and (ii) fundamentally undermining the dehumanizing industrial machine by detaching from its perfidy.

Powerful Deeds

Don’t Go Shopping. Shopping really consolidated its position as a consensus leisure pursuit, certainly in the UK, during the barren days of Regan-Thatcher hyper-materialism in the 1980’s. Though its seeds had long since been sown, it wasn’t until shortly after the 1983 general election in the UK, as the burgeoning Conservative party stood behind Margaret Thatcher’s belligerent campaign of ‘privatisation’ (essentially delivering national organizations meant to serve the public into the hands of profit-hungry corporations) that commercial neurosis formally replaced civic responsibility. Watch how David Cameron will do exactly the same thing under the guise of national economic salvation.

A key strategy in oiling this perceptual change was promoting the idea of active consumerism as a sign of personal affluence and successful, righteous reward for hard work. One does not have to look very hard to see that owning luxury items and displaying fashionable brands is nothing more than psychological chicanery. A brand is a cultural accessory. It’s not simply the logo and jingle of a company that is determined to create the very best ‘fabric conditioner’ possible. A brand is designed precisely to fit demographic profiles – appealing to a well mapped social sub-group with clearly defined income, education, age, health, ethnicity, location, political opinion and cultural expectations. A particular fabric conditioner advertisement may be targeted at 20-40 year old mums who like Madonna, Bacardi and coke, don’t read, but watch a lot of television. Everything about the branding, from the product name, the colours, the music, the lighting, the words used, the editing and the advertisement duration are chosen to trigger an inclusive social response from the target sub-group.

In the end, it’s all just “buying stuff you don’t need, with money you don’t have,” as the late George Carlin liked to term it.

Don’t watch television. Television is to visual entertainment what Justin Bieber is to the world of music. There’s nothing there. Beg, steal or borrow box sets of the quality stuff you enjoy, but avoid live broadcast television. It resonates the unreality frequency in its most insidious aspect. It literally makes you stupid.

Buy local & eat happy things. For essential items, buy local produce when you can. Buying local supports local producers and small businesses, and undermines the just-in-time (JIT) corporate tactic of squeezing every last bit of profit from the logistical supply chain. Buying a t-shirt from Wankmart for $4.99 is “a great deal” because someone somewhere is paying in blood for fabricating that cotton garment that will fall to pieces in 2 years anyway. Similarly we may perceive that the enormous jar of pickles, the loaf of bread that lasts for a month and that excessively corpulent antibiotic-stuffed chicken are all tremendous bargains. But these things are cheap because they are inherently low grade. Best advice – only eat happy looking things. If it doesn’t look happy, don’t put it in your mouth. Do Cheetos look happy? No, they look like toxic waste from a Kazakhstani oil refinery. They are what Michael Pollan calls “edible food-like substances.” Does a real organically grown tomato that you buy in a brown bag from a local farmer look happy? Yes it does. Be mindful of the vibrations you imbibe.

Play an instrument. Play a guitar, a violin, a flute, a harmonica or whatever. Playing an instrument has the unique capacity to distribute harmonic brain waves equally between the left and right hemispheres of your brain. It is also therapeutic, personally and socially enriching and gives vital creative expression to the human spirit. Play good music, write your own music, improvise and have fun. Playing a musical instrument is also a valuable skill to have in a post-industrial world. When the iPods don’t work, the lights have gone out and the local community is your support network – the skill of the musician will always be appreciated. Everyone likes music. It is a key human expression, one of the purest.

Perceive the Control System gameboard so you are aware of its continually moving yet utterly predictable moves. The credit based economy collapsed a long time ago. Slickly marketed frauds like futures trading, derivatives markets, sequestering emerging third world markets, printing non-existent money with no real-world value and the perpetual fabrication of international conflicts have propped up the Capitalist machine for years. The fake credit crunch is merely the public-facing advertisement for the unchecked centralization of political, economic and military power. Delusions of discord with North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are diversionary sideshows for the uninitiated. Regardless of politics, religion or geographical origin, all political figureheads are receiving orders from the same masters. They sit at the same table. Obama and Cameron do as they are bid, as do Ahmadinejad and Putin. Some know it, some don’t, but that is quite irrelevant to the success of the grand conjuration. Even apparently independent lovable rogues like Hugo Chávez and Viktor Yushchenko, when we dig a little deeper, are either directly connected to, or controlled by, Control System enforcers like the CIA, George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the Bilderberg Group. Even more arcane shadow organizations lie beneath the surface. The trail is well documented and available for all to uncover. You really do have to do the homework yourself to appreciate the actuality and penetration of these entities. Ignorance of them is no longer an excuse –the data is out there.

Perceive Control System equations. Identify public figures who repeatedly use buzzwords like diversity, education, the economy and terrorism. Contemplate the actual meaning of this distorted Orwellian Doublethink within the context of Control System mechanisms (as opposed to real-world references). Here are a few obvious examples.

DIVERSITY = Standardization
CHOICE = No Choice
EDUCATION = Conditioning
ECONOMY = Slavery
TERRORISM = Opposition
CULTURE = Instruction
HEALTH = Illness
FREEDOM = Dependence

Once you become cognizant of the equations, whenever you hear the first part of the equation, you can immediately balance it with the real message. This renders political speeches and mainstream journalism comically impotent. An auditory equivalent of donning the ‘They Live’ shades.

The dissonance lifts and we can focus on being who we actually are, rather than getting lost in the mouldy NWO puppet show.

Ultimately, the Control System knows its influence is waning. The grip loosens and the game nears its end. We are witnessing the final spasms of the beast. The magnificent human spirit has been unduly suppressed over the last few millennia. Now that time is over. We ascend once more. Reject their fake media hype and stop using their corporate services. Discard their fear memes and erase their counterfeit history. Extricate yourself from their politics and laugh at their sinister melodramas. They hate that most of all – not being taken seriously. From the Control System’s perspective, there is no greater fusion of terrifying characteristics in a human being than authenticity, humour, creativity, sovereignty, defiance and love.

Let us reframe what it is to be human within our own consciousness. Let us bring to mind our own limitless creativity, our unassailable spirit and our natural ascendant trajectory. These are our elegant weapons – supreme creational fractals that dissolve that which we no longer wish to manifest. Take command of your beingness in this world and let it unfold deeply and gracefully. This is real backbone. Imagination is the key. We are both the dreamer and the dream. We make it. Let us become it.

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