September 2016

Jan 2017 – The Beautiful Mysterium

NEIL KRAMER AT BLUE SPIRIT, COSTA RICA, JAN 28 – FEB 4, 2017 THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERIUM – Join British philosopher and esotericist Neil Kramer as you dive into the magic and mystery of Western esotericism and take an inner spiritual adventure. Uncover the beauty and divinity of the hidden wisdom firsthand and explore pathways of […] Read more

Awakened Hearts Radio

Neil Kramer talks to Rebekah Campbell and Boyd Campbell, hosts of Awakened Hearts Radio. Rebekah writes: “Truthfulness is a spiritual art. It is a discipline that compels personal transformation. Truth destroys the world you used to live in. A widely respected figure in mystical, spiritual, and alternative communities, Neil Kramer guides us on a transformational journey […] Read more

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