January 2019

Roamcast 24: Scars & Lamentations

Neil Kramer probes the sacred principles enmeshed in the fabric of everyday life. Inquire into the unfettered, the unmingled, and the unforgiven, in this series of spoken word reflections, recorded live on location. This episode features contemplations on: wintry beauty, strange work, is there enough time, lesson plans, everyone invited to know truth, how many […] Read more


Sept 2019 – Fire Of Life

FIRE OF LIFE Neil Kramer Weekend Workshop Sept 13-15, 2019 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, USA https://www.eomega.org/workshops/fire-of-life REGISTER NOW¬† Join Neil Kramer for an inspirational weekend of discovery, contemplation, and fellowship. Experience the empowering principles of the supernal path, embrace the mysteries of inner & outer transmutation, and explore the beautiful adventure of the divine […] Read more

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